DADventure Disney – My Top 10 Favorite Snacks I’m Going to Hunt Down at Walt Disney World

Hey gang!

Time to jump into the planning for my family’s DADventure to Walt Disney World later this fall. I could start with the research or the tools or budget concerns – but nah – let’s talk FOOD to kick things off, shall we? Yeah, we shall!

When my wife and I went to Disney World on our honeymoon about 6 years ago, I did the planning and scheduling, but I didn’t do ANY research on food.

I didn’t plan snacks and counter service and ended up with only “ok” pizza.

Oh my how that has changed.

Thanks to the genius that is AJ at Disney Food Blog, I’ve been watching YouTube videos and reading their food blogs, nonstop for months and months.

LOVE Disney Food Blog!

I’ve talked with friends, I’ve scoured the internet, and drooled all along the way. But, for you, dear reader, here are my Top 10 snacks at Walt Disney World that I’m excited to hunt down.

A little note here – there are a LOT of snacks at the Disney resorts, and Disney Springs – I’ll cover those another day – but for today’s piece, all these snacks are in the four main theme parks – Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios.

Look for some bonus snacks mixed in, and tips from former Disney Cast Members sprinkled throughout, too!

So, let’s talk food! Now, enjoy the DADventure… and as always please keep your hands and feet inside the vehicle at all times.


Corn Dog Nuggets
Casey’s Corner
Magic Kingdom, Main Street

I have ALWAYS loved corn dogs. The ‘real’ kind with a boiled hotdog in the middle of Jiffy box-mix style corn bread. Casey’s Corner is famous for them. Apparently, they removed them from Casey’s for a while and the world rejoiced when they recently came back.

Chance that I’ll be enjoying these on this trip: 6/10. We may run into an overload of hotdog related meals.

photo: Disney Food Blog (Click on photo for link to their review)


School Bread
Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe
Epcot, Norway Pavilion

I love sweet bread. I love donuts. I love vanilla custard. I love coconut. Put them all together and we have the famous School Bread in Norway at Epcot. A lot of sweetness here, but looks like a great start to a morning!

Chance that I’ll be enjoying these on this trip: 6/10. We are going to do breakfast at the hotel more often than not to keep the kids on a better food schedule, so we may not make it over to Norway for a sweet start to our day. However, it is only a Skyliner ride away….

Photo: (Click photo for their review.)


Refreshment Place
Epcot, Opening of World Showcase (before Canada)

I’ve only recently discovered poutine in the world. The catering company I work for has been doing this a LOT for late-night snacks after a night of dancing at weddings. People LOVE a greasy yummy cheesy bite after a night of drinking and dancing. Fries with gravy and cheese curds – oh yeah!

Chance that I’ll be enjoying these on this trip: 6/10. The location may be a bit to get to as we’re Skylining in to World Showcase and not coming in via the other end of the park. And there are a LOT of fries options in my list. But a man can dream, can’t he?

Photo: (Click photo for their review.)

Speaking of fries, see what a former Cast Member has to say about their favorite snack on their off-days at the Park…

Golden Oak Outpost in Magic Kingdom is a fan favorite with the CMs. They have the best chicken and waffle fries on property. Always my go-to before sitting down to watch the parade from Frontierland.


Hush Puppies
Columbia Harbor House
Magic Kingdom, Liberty Square

I’m from southern New England and we enjoy a good fried fritter as much as anyone. Ours are filled with crab or shrimp, but these tasty hush puppies at Columbia Harbor House are good ole fashioned cornmeal. With real pieces of corn, too.

Chance that I’ll be enjoying these on this trip: 7/10. My family really does love corn bread – these look like a nice little bite – around $3 for the order too – perfect.

Photo: (Click photo for their review.)


Chili Queso Waffle Fries
Golden Oak Outpost
Magic Kingdom, Frontierland

Like my friend the former Cast Member said above – Waffle Fries at Golden Oak Outpost look amazing. My family will be sure to dig these as they mirror another favorite of ours – nachos!

Chance that I’ll be enjoying these on this trip: 7/10. Nachos AND waffle fries together? Yes please.

Photo: (Click photo for their review.)


Cheesburger Springrolls
Egg Roll Wagon
Magic Kingdom, Seriously – it’s a little cart in Adventureland

A crispy egg roll outer shell. A gooey cheeseburger on the inside. I can’t type anymore. I’m drooling on the keyboard.

Chance that I’ll be enjoying these on this trip: 9/10. I plan on making a point of the cheeseburger spring rolls. I know my kids and I will DEVOUR them.

Photo: (Click photo for their story.)


Woody’s Lunchbox
Hollywood Studios, Toy Story Land

I know these are pretty much the nacho waffle fries up above, but these are on TOTS!! Who doesn’t love a crispy TOT!? Nachos on tots. It’s a no-brainer. And yes, since we have discovered these online, my kids have had my wife make them at the house already!

Chance that I’ll be enjoying these on this trip: 9/10. TOTS!!!!

Photo: DisneyParks Blog (Click photo for their review.)


BONUS PICK! My kids have not stopped talking about the Jack Jack Num Num Cookie at Pixar Place in Hollywood Studios. Look at this thing – it’s GIANT and packed with chocolate chips. If it’s still there in November, it’s a 100% certainty we will be enjoying it.


Bavarian Pretzel with Beer Cheese Sauce
Baseline Tap
Hollywood Studios, Grande Avenue

I LOVE hot pretzels. Yeah, I used to twist them myself, back in the day, at Pretzel Time in the local mall. But even having survived that ordeal, I still love them. And this thing looks HUGE!

Chance that I’ll be enjoying these on this trip: 6/10. Not sure we’ll be bringing the littles into this restaurant/bar. If I have to settle for a Mickey Pretzel on the street, I’ll still me more than happy. The chance I’ll have SOME kind of hot pretzel goodness is a 10/10, my friends.

Photo: (Click photo for their review.)


Colossal Cinnamon Roll
Kusafiri Coffee Shop & Bakery
Animal Kingdom, Africa

As much as I love pretzels, I may love an amazing cinnamon roll more – and this one is shaped like Mickey Mouse! When I was the mall guy at Pretzel Time, I used to trade pretzels to the dude at Cinnabon for a warm tasty treat from time to time.

Chance that I’ll be enjoying these on this trip: 10/10. This is legitimately on our agenda as breakfast for the morning we do Animal Kingdom and run at rope drop for the Kilimanjaro Safari.

Photo: (Click photo for their review.)


Vanilla Ice Cream Churro Sandwich
Sleepy Hollow Refreshments
Magic Kingdom, Liberty Square

Number one was always going to be a churro. I love churros. I have a history with churros, both at Disney World AND Disneyland. But then, Disney Food Blog showed me THIS! How do you make a churro better? You make it into a roll and put vanilla ice cream in the middle!

Chance that I’ll be enjoying these on this trip: 10/10. Bet on it people.

Photo: Disney Food Blog (Click photo for their review.)

There ya go – my top 10 snacks I’m planning to have with my family when we take our DADventure to Walt Disney World this fall. Looking back – it’s a lot of potato, but I’m ok with that. My little kids will love all of these things, and that’s key too – but more on that in a later post.

So, what am I missing? What should be on this list that isn’t? Hit the comments my Disney friends. Let’s keep the conversation going!

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