DADventure Disney – Disney World Rides & Attractions We Will NOT Be Going On This Trip

Much like the music playlist at your wedding, the planning for what you DON’T want is just as important as what you DO want.

You know you want Shout to play, but you will be damned if The Macarena ends up playing on your big day.

Just say no.

Same thing with rides at Walt Disney World. With our DADventure planning about to hit the big moment of FastPass reservations, I’ve been debating what rides and attractions we can easily remove from our list of consideration.

With three toddlers, 5 and under, waiting in loooong lines isn’t going to be the best use of our day, or energy. It’s one of the main reasons we’re going in November. Any chance I get at shorter lines, I’ll be a happy man.

With Hollywood Studios aside (thank you Galaxy’s Edge), the other parks look pretty light on the crowd calendars on (TOTALLY worth the money for the app.)

Gotta love a ‘2’ at Magic Kingdom!

Let me start with saying I know there are height restrictions on many of the rides I’ll discuss below. If you’re curious for the full list – check out

There’s always the Rider Switch option. Don’t know what that is? It’s GREAT for parents (with little kids) who want to go on rides that the kids don’t (or aren’t tall enough for).

From the Disney World Website:

If a child does not meet the height requirement or a Guest does not wish to board a particular attraction, no problem! With Rider Switch, one adult can wait with the non-rider (or riders) while the rest of the party enjoys the attraction. When the other adult returns, they can supervise the non-riding Guests, and the waiting adult can board the attraction without having to wait in the regular line again!

I should note that not every ride allows this option – which is kind of a bummer. We’d want to use this for Pirates of the Caribbean, as an example, but it’s not an option. If you want to know the full list – check out Disney World’s list here.

All that being said, here is my list of rides you will not be seeing the DADventure Five waiting on line for…


I’m not a HUGE thrill-ride fan, neither is my wife – a good pairing.

I’ve groaned at every curve as the safety bar jabs into my stomach on Space Mountain. I’ve shaken my way through Dinosaur. I’ve had the joy of splashing down at Splash Mountain, too.

However, there are still some rides that I have NO interest in going on. These are obvious removals from our itinerary.

You won’t see us on: Stitch’s Great Escape, Tower of Terror, Test Track or Mission:Space.


Hurdling at high speeds on tracks while everyone around you screaming isn’t a big selling point for the Littles.

You won’t see us on: Big Thunder Mountain, Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, Rock N’ Roller Coaster, Expedition Everest, Primeval Whirl, or even the Slinky Dog Dash.


Even with the Rider Switch, there are some overly popular rides you won’t find us standing around waiting to get on.

You won’t see us on: Soarin’, Kali River Rapids, Avatar Flight of Passage, or even *Millennium Falcon Smuggler’s Run.

* There is NO WAY I’m NOT flying on the Millennium Falcon. No way. One night, when the kids are tucked into bed, Dad will be jumping on the Skyliner on his own and strapping himself into the cockpit of the Falcon… Hopefully more than once.


We may use a few of these to ‘duck into’ during a rain storm or to get out of the heat of the day, but for the most part, we won’t waste our time on attractions our kids will lose interest in, in mere seconds.

You won’t see us on: The Hall of Presidents, Mickey’s Philharmagic, Carousel of Progress or any of the educational country movies in Epcot.


A little jolt, dip or jump isn’t too bad. (Ursula in Little Mermaid, Marshmallow or the little plunge in Frozen)

But to put the Littles in a place where they may be scared for the majority of the ride, not what we’re looking for on this trip.

You won’t see us on: The Haunted Mansion (duh), Pirates of the Caribbean, Monsters, Inc Laugh Floor, Dinosaur, Tough to Be A Bug, or Meeting Kylo Ren at Star Wars Launch Bay.


There are a few things I’m debating on – maybe YOU all can help!

Fireworks: These kids have a bed time around 7pm. Keeping them up for to see the fireworks doesn’t seem like a good play for me. Fantasmic, Magic Kingdom, Rivers of Light. I love them, but I think sleep will be the better plan.

Finding Nemo the Musical, Festival of the Lion King or Beauty and the Beast Live on Stage – are they too long and loud? If you only did one – which would you suggest?

Swiss Family Robinson Tree House – worth the hike up there with the Littles? How about Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular? My kids have no idea who Indiana Jones is, so thinking this isn’t worth the time.

And one that is really up in the air… the Na’vi River Journey. I like the idea of the boat ride, the pretty colors, the calm music. But…. is it too dark for the Littles?

Help me out here – share you knowledge and thoughts in the comments below or on our Instagram or Facebook pages.

You can also tell me if I’m WAY off on some of these that I’ve removed from our trip. Any I really need to put back on? Let me know!

Thanks for joining me on the DADventure!


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