DADventure Disney – A Planning Diversion – Top 10 Favorite Overlooked Disney Sidekicks

Hey there Disney fans!

While planning this DADversion, it’s always fun to just sit back and be a Disney fan from time to time.

So, let’s have some fun – shall we?

While coming up with over 100 Disney characters for our Character Countdown project – we racked our brains for characters we may have overlooked and THAT got me thinking about some of the GREAT comic sidekicks that we all forget about, sometimes, in the Disney and Pixar universe.

Over at our ‘father’ site ( we put together a fun little video for you all to share the love of Disney sidekicks with us.

We include greats from….

Toy Story
The Lion King

But we aren’t talking about Woody, Timon, Genie or Maui here! Watch the video and see who made our list!

Who are your favorites? Who did we overlook in our video of overlooked folks?


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