DADventure Disney – Am I Talking About Disney Too Much?

I know, many of you reading this think I’m crazy already – how can there be such as thing as “too much Disney?”. But, not everyone wants to talk, hear, see, read and listen to Disney planning 24/7.

The last thing we want to do when planning a trip to the Happiest Place on Earth is soil it by turning people off and giving them a Disney Migraine. So, how do we avoid DADventure Backlash?

Let’s be honest with each other, not everything in the planning process is Mickey pretzels and fireworks. There are a lot of pieces that can throw a wrench into the pure enjoyment.

Here at DVD (yes, it’s retro enough that I’m reclaiming it for DADventure Disney!), I strive to give you the truth behind all we are doing, in hopes that it can help you navigate your own journey.

Here are some warning signs that you’re hitting the Disney World Wall (no, not the purple one you all take your photos in front of).

Social Media Crickets

Months ago, when you’d share a funny Disney-related meme or story on social media, you’d get a lot of likes, laughs and some comments. These posts were few and far between, and also well thought out.

NOW, your posts are nearly 100% Disney related and are more of less ghosted by your friends and family. No likes. No smiley faces.

DVD Remedy: Pull back. Remember the OTHER things in your life. Baseball is hitting the playoffs, football debuts this week, kids are back to school, and everything has become pumpkin spiced. There’s more to celebrate than Disney. It’s going to be OK.

Live Radio Is A Stranger To You

Months ago, you were listening to the car radio, you were rocking out to 80s weekends, you were finding new covers by Postmodern Jukebox or Scary Pockets.

NOW, your playlist on Spotify, Amazon Music, iTunes and Alexa read like the queue line in Fantasyland. Instead of walking around with a great 80s or 90s song stuck in your head all day, you find yourself belting out Let it Go or rapping You’re Welcome while sitting at your desk at work.

DVD Remedy: Start slowly. Look for playlists of Disney covers by modern artists. Start to hear voices beyond those of animated crabs, snowmen or teapots. Then you can transition back into more mainstream music. It’s going to be OK.

You’re Missing Your Friends’ Birthdays, Weddings, or Graduations

Months ago, when you saw a pic of a friend with their kids at a baptism you sent a congratulations message. You’d wish your co-workers a happy birthday and you’d always give a thumbs up for a back-to-school pic.

NOW, you have no idea what your friends are doing. However, you do know that AJ at DisneyFoodBlog just shared a giant chocolate peanut butter brownie. You know that TheTimTracker just announced he’s having a baby boy and you know that Tatjana from WDW-Magazine just spent an extra day at Disney World due to Hurricane Dorian.

DVD Remedy: Go back to your personal page or newsfeed. Trust me, you’re not going to miss anything if you’re gone from the Disneyverse for a day or so. Check in on your old roommate, your old girlfriend, and your dear ole Mom. Tell them Keith from DADventure says hi! It’s going to be OK.

You’re Speaking in Disney Lingo

Months ago, you were known as an eloquent speaker and a great conversationalist.

NOW, you’re using rope drop to express the start time of your team meeting. You’re calling the pizza place down the road and asking for a ADR for 6pm and you’re bribing your children with a FastPass for TV time if they do their homework.

DVD Remedy: Those of us that “Speak Disney” are a small protective clan. Not everyone wants to be, nor should be, in this clan. Trekkies shouldn’t speak Klingon at work, Zoom fans shouldn’t converse in Ubbi Dubbi in a parent/teacher conference and we don’t need to DisSpeak with anyone and everyone. It’s going to be OK.

Your Family Is Tired Of Talking Disney

FYI – not my family.

Months ago, you were all excited for the prospect of your DADventure to Walt Disney World. You’d excitedly all watch some YouTube to plan your attack on the snacks of the World and which parks you want to rope drop.

NOW, the kids are literally ignoring you are speaking at all when you mention how it’s only three weeks until you can book FastPasses. Your partner rolls their eyes as you regale them with the hurricane prevention methods that Disney took with the new Skyliner. Your mother literally hangs up on you when she asks how you are and you say “dying for a Dole Whip”.

DVD Remedy: This is a tough one. Losing your support crew as you are planning that family DADventure is a very worrisome thing. We’ve reached the height of Over-Disney. We can fix this. We’ll do it together. I volunteer my services to you as an ear for all things Disney. Hey, that’s why DADventure Disney is here! Spill what you need with me on our Instagram, Facebook, or send me a message. I promise I’ll reach back out and be happy to DisSpeak with you about it.

But, give your family a break. Wait for THEM to bring up Disney first. Then, calmly respond in an cool and collected manor – don’t scare them away again. They’ll come back to you when the Magic Bands arrive in the mail, don’t worry – it’s going to be OK!

Thanks for reading and, as always, for joining along on the DADventure!


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