DADventure Disney – Not That Excited For Epcot Food & Wine Festival – Should I Be?

While I’m stressing over figuring out my FastPass attack for next week’s booking deadline, I’m also trying to scout out food we want to find.

I’ve already shared my top 10 snacks we’ll hunt for AND a second list, too. Ya, you know list three is coming soon. I’ve also shared WHY we’re not doing the Disney Dining Plan and how it kind of made me angry with Disney.

But among all these amazing foods, we’ll be there for the final week of the Epcot Food & Wine Festival! So, we’re busy looking at menus, prices and photos – everywhere we can.

EVERYONE gushes over the Food & Wine. “I’m so jealous you’re going.”

Ya know what? The more I research the Food & Wine Festival, the less I’m all that hyped for it. I’ve never been, so I haven’t experienced it first hand – yet. However, I’m getting less and less excited for it. Let me explain why and then please try to convince me other wise in the comments.

The Portion Size

Looking at SO many photos and videos from Food & Wine, one thing is very clear – the portion sizes are more like a taste or sample.

Look at the professional shot of the famous Kenyan Coffee Barbecue Beef Tenderloin in the Africa booth.

(Matt Stroshane, Disney)

Zoomed in to show the textures and glory of the dish. Looks like a nice big portion. But, now look at the shot by Disney Tourist Blog which is zoomed out a bit. Look at the size of the plate in relation to the slats on the table – it’s actually quite tiny!

Photo: Disney Tourist Blog

For the most part, it doesn’t seem like we’ll be sharing these goodies with the 5 of us – they seem to be a bite or two – max. So, we’ll need to get many more portions which leads me to…

The Prices

I don’t ever expect anything at Disney World to be cheap. Never. I’ve been given that piece of advice plenty of times.

But $5 or $7 or $9 or up to $12 for a sample of food is a bit high, no? I mean, I can get bigger, share-able, goodies elsewhere in the parks for the same pricing. Is it simply the ‘feel’ of the festival we’re paying for, here?

The Drinks

Yes, I know it’s called Food AND WINE. I get it. However, it seems a lot of the booths are rocking more fun options on the booze side, and only a handful of food bites.

Tiny Food (looks like they both got a fork full) and the drinks. Photo: Disney

I get that drinks take less time to prepare, require no cooking, and a offer lot less storage issue in the little booths. But Food is in the title – the FIRST part.


So, convince me. Why SHOULD I be excited about the Epcot Food & Wine Fest on our DADventure this November? Hit the comments, Instagram or Facebook to tell me why. Thanks!

Thanks for reading and joining me on the DADventure.


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