DADventure Disney – Best Advice For Booking FastPasses

Yesterday I let you in on the fact that I’m FREAKING OUT about making my FastPass reservations this upcoming Wednesday.

My post on Instagram and Facebook sent out the ‘Bat Signal’ for help, and boy oh boy did I get some GREAT ideas for FastPassing.

It wouldn’t be DADventure Disney if I didn’t share those with you! So, here is a list of some of the best FastPass booking tips I received over the last 24 hours.


Like I said yesterday, you can book all your FastPasses 60 days from your arrival day, starting at 7am.

Be online and ready right at 7am. Book early and back to back. Book hardest to get – most popular first. Book on a computer – it’s easiest. Easier to get most popular ones for later in your trip. – @truedisneymom

If you’re trying to book for hard to get FastPasses, set an alarm for 7am so you can get them as soon as they become available. If you can get something for a different time than you wanted, book it. It’s easier to go back and edit the time than it is to wait for a whole new FastPass to become available. – @mickeywafflesmimosas


Natural instinct would be to book on your first day and work from there. But my friends suggest doing it in reverse!

Work backwards from the end of your trip for the hard to get rides (Slinky Dog Dash, Toy Story Mania, Flight of Passage, etc), and once you have those, you can work towards the beginning of your vacation for the easier to get rides. Remember your day one is someone else’s day 5 or 7, and they already grabbed the hard to get fast passes. Oh, and have multiple devices ready to go. If you get error messages, refresh, refresh, refresh. – Stephanie on FB

Photo: TheDisneySpin (click for link)

Plan to do Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom later in your trip, if possible. Those FastPasses go quick and the people checking in the days before you tend to get all of the ones for the first few days of your trip. So, they’re already long gone by the time your window opens up. Definitely book those first right at 7am too. You can book the hard ones like Slinky, Flight of Passage, Seven Dwarfs, and then go back and choose your other 2 for those days. – @makingmemoriesonmainstreet


Ok, so I have a full day to fill with only three FastPasses? No! My friends say to book em, use em, and find new ones!

Make all your FP appointments for morning. It’s possible you can get others later in the day but not until you’ve used yours up. We found some (like Buzz Lightyear) were always available in the afternoons. – Lynnie on FB

Photo: (Click for Link)

Try to book early times, back to back, then as soon as you check in for your 3rd FastPass, while you’re in the line, book another… then keep going all day like that. – @Dismoms

I plan all mine as early as possible then I’m able to add more in the afternoons/ or modify the same ride for a later time in the day! Even if the parks aren’t as busy in the mornings it’s still nice to have a fast pass! Also utilize rider swap. – @maeonmainstreet


I’ve done a TON of research on what rides I THINK my kids will like. So I’m making a big list to choose from.

Definitely check height requirements first to see what your kids are able to ride! Then plan out your rides based on which park you are going to each day. – @maeonmainstreet

Photo: Disney

Plan your passes around the way you would walk around the park. Don’t book 3 passes super close to each other time wise and have to run from one side of the park to the other just to make your pass. Magic Kingdom, for example, plan out how you think you’ll probably walk around and what route you’ll take and then see what rides are in the path. Then choose your time that you think you’ll be in that area. – @elliemayscraftco

I found the best way to pick FastPasses is to check the wait times a couple of days before you’re goin to pick your passes. If the wait time is over an hour than I’d use my FastPasses on those and anything under I’d just wait in line. – @mainstreetalison


Don’t waste a FastPass on a ride that won’t have a line early in the morning!

Epcot FYI even though World Showcase isn’t open early, Frozen Ever After is – so head there first. No need to FastPass it, FP Test track instead or Soarin’. – Rebecca on FB

Photo: Disney

AMAZING help from everyone. I’m honored to have such knowledgeable people willing to share! Thank you all so much!

How about you? What advice do you have for booking your FastPasses? Hit the comments below and let me know!

I’ll be back in a day or two with my plan of attach for FastPass booking. Keep those fingers crossed for me!

Thanks for reading and always remember, Dadventure is out there!


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