DADventure Disney – My 2019 FastPass Booking Plan

More FastPass posts? YES! It’s a VERY big part of your Disney World DADventure!

I’ve shared how FREAKED OUT I am. I’ve shared FastPass help from my friends. And now, I’m here to share with you the plan I am going to attack FastPasses with THIS WEDNESDAY!

That’s right, Wednesday is officially 60 days from our arrival at Walt Disney World. That means, my FastPass window will be open at 7am that morning.

First step, as a Dad of three LITTLES…

Make lunch, set out clothes and bathe the kids the night before.

They’re all up by 7am and my wife is working already, so, I’m the guy who does the morning routine. With the Advanced Dining Reservations, I was awake and on the laptop at 5:45am – they kids were sound asleep. This time, I’ll be trying to use my laptop WHILE three screentime deprived children try to have a go at me.

My idea, breakfast will be ready and served at 6:55am on Wednesday morning. That SHOULD buy me enough time to get the FastPass process working and get those hard-to-book passes in the system.

I know the parks I’ll be in each morning.

Day One: Magic Kingdom (in the afternoon after we land and eat)
Day Two: Animal Kingdom (Early Extra Magic Hours)
Day Three: Epcot (8am Breakfast at Akershus Royal Banquet Hall in Norway)
Day Four: Hollywood Studios
Day Five: Magic Kingdom
Day Six: TBD

Morning time is when I’ll be booking my FastPasses for. It’s really the only times I know what park we’ll be in. We are going to head to the resort after lunch for rest and swim and then play it by ear for parks in the afternoon/evening.

Photo: Disney

I know what we WON’T be needing a FastPass for

With the tiny kids, who aren’t thrill seekers AT ALL we don’t need to worry about: Flight of Passage, Slinky Dog Dash, Tower of Terror, any of the Mountains. Those are all usually hard to get, so that removes SOME stress from me.

Photo: Disney

A lot of the rides the kids are DYING to go on, seem to have manageable lines!

Dumbo, Flying Carpets, Small World, Buzz Lightyear, People Mover, Living with the Land, Lightning McQueen Racing Academy, and some others shouldn’t be a very long wait.

Photo: Disney

We chose a time of year that’s ‘slower’.

They say there isn’t a slow time at Disney World any more, and I’m sure they’re right. But I can hope for slowER this fall, can’t I? Yes, we have Galaxy’s Edge and yes Epcot Food & Wine will be in the last week of the festival – but I don’t think we’ll see crazy summer-like crowds the week BEFORE Thanksgiving.

So, with all that knowledge – let’s get to it!!

The rides I’m most stressed on booking:

Toy Story Mania
Going for my 4th day there – hopefully it’s far enough away that there will still be some open for the morning. If I book Toy Story Mania that means that Aliens Saucers is out as they’re both Tier One rides.

(Matt Stroshane, Disney)

Fairy Tale Hall
My daughter is 3.5 and IS a princess. On our first day, I’m hoping to score a pass to meet Cinderella and Elena – her two favorite – in one place! Start the trip off with an instant favorite memory.

Photo: Disney

Na’vi River Journey
Gonna try to get this for our only scheduled morning at Animal Kingdom. We aren’t thinking about Flight of Passage, so hopefully by skipping that I can score the slower and more tame Na’vi River Journey for the family.

Photo: Disney

Enchanted Tales with Belle
My kids love Belle. If they get to sit in a room with her… Best Dad Ever.

Photo: Disney

Frozen Ever After
Again – my kids are 5 and under. I think we’re on 4,567,301 times singing the entire soundtrack – Idina Menzel has NOTHING on me!

Photo: Disney

Everything else will fall into place thereafter… IF I’m lucky.

Here’s what my plan of attack looks like (PLEASE hit the comments and steer me in another direction if you see something!)

Day One
Magic Kingdom in afternoon
Fastpassing: Fairy Tale Hall (Cinderella and Elena), Jungle Cruise, Peter Pan’s Flight.

Day Two
Animal Kingdom in morning (Early Extra Magic Hours)
Rope Drop the Safari – it’s what all of us agree we are most looking forward to as a group.
Fastpassing: Safari (for a second trip around), Na’vi River Journey, Festival of the Lion King
Then off to lunch at Sanaa and back to Animal Kingdom for some more fun.

Day Three
Epcot in the morning
We’re having breakfast at Akershus at 8. Epcot doesn’t open till 9. I’m hoping we can finish breakfast and get right in line for Frozen Ever After. Then FastPass it for a bit later and go on it a second time.
Fastpassing: Frozen Ever After, Seas with Nemo and Friends, Character Spot if they open FP again in the new location OR Turtle Talk with Crush.
Keith’s Note: I’m not excited about using FastPass in Epcot, but it’s the day we’re there and have plans for Disney Springs in the afternoon so no need for Passes then.

Day Four
Hollywood Studios in the morning
Fastpassing: Toy Story Mania, Disney Junior Dance Party, Beauty & The Beast Live on Stage

Day Five
Magic Kingdom in the morning
We have lunch at Be Our Guest and we cannot wait for that!
Fastpassing: Enchanted Tales with Belle, Buzz Lighyear Space Ranger Spin, Pirates of the Caribbean

Day Six
Leaving it open.
What do we all want to go back and see? I’m going to Fastpass at Hollywood Studios JUST in case.
Fastpassing: Toy Story Mania (again), Voyage of the Little Mermaid, Frozen Sing A Long

We’ll be doing all the other rides in the middle of all this, and keeping our afternoons open for ‘free play’ and see where we feel like going.

The My Disney Experience App will let me know what FP are available to add-on after we use our first three and we’ll use that as a guide too.

I’m nervous about all this, but the time is here. Wish me luck on Wednesday. Tomorrow’s post will be our Disney Parent Panel Top 10, but I’ll be back with a post on Wednesday letting you know how this plan worked.

Seriously though, if you have any thoughts on my plan – what I’m FPing and don’t need to, what I’m missing out on, etc. PLEASE let me know in the comments below or on our Instagram and Facebook pages.

Thanks for reading and remember – DADventure is out there!

So Long,


  1. Tip for you – book your FastPasses in order of difficulty, not days. So book the busiest one first, then switch to the next most popular, etc. If I were you, that would be: Peter Pan’s Flight, Toy Story Mania, and Frozen. Honestly though I just made FastPasses for a client who had 30 days and there was a TON of availability! My other tips – choose if that Frozen ride is worth rushing Akershus. I wouldn’t rush the breakfast. You could arrive at breakfast early! But don’t rush out just to get to the ride. See the forest, not the trees. Also, if you are that into Frozen, don’t forget the Sing-A-Long at Studios – soooo fun! I think you will do awesome with your FastPasses. Have fun!


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