DADventure Disney – How My FastPass Booking Plan of Attack Worked (Or Didn’t Work)

After freaking out, getting advice from friends, and making my plan – today was the day. At 7am, my laptop was open and connected to the internet. It was time to book FastPasses!

So, let’s take a look at my plan and see how I did – shall we?

The rides/attractions I REALLY wanted to be sure to book were: Toy Story Mania, Meet the Princesses at Fairy Tale Hall, Na’vi River Journey, Enchanted Tales With Belle and Frozen Ever After.

I’m happy to report that I DID get all the above… just not exactly how I was hoping.

Let’s break down the day by day…


What I Planned:
Magic Kingdom in afternoon
Fastpassing: Fairy Tale Hall (Cinderella and Elena), Jungle Cruise, Peter Pan’s Flight

What I Ended Up With:
Fairy Tale Hall (Cinderella and Elena), Jungle Cruise, Dumbo.

My Thoughts on the Results:
Not bad at all. Our afternoon is packed. With the kids still not TOO sure about dark rides, I opted with Dumbo over Peter Pan for day one. Because we’ll have been up since 3am on arrival day, I’m not sure we’ll last through all this, but it’s nice to have.


What I Planned:
Animal Kingdom in morning (Early Extra Magic Hours)
Rope Drop the Safari – it’s what all of us agree we are most looking forward to as a group.
Fastpassing: Safari (for a second trip around), Na’vi River Journey, Festival of the Lion King – Then off to lunch at Sanaa and back to Animal Kingdom for some more fun.

What I Ended Up With:
Festival of the Lion King, Na’vi River Journey, Kilimanjaro Safari

My Thoughts on the Results:
Timing went off the rails for me here. As many have suggested to me, the early days of our trips will be the hardest to book for cause the people who were booking a week before me have already laid claims to most of the FPs here. My plan is to hit the parks in the morning and go back to hotel after lunch to rest and swim. However, Animal Kingdom didn’t want to play along. Having the Sanaa ADR at noon put a wrench in there too. So, we’ll rope drop the safari and then have some fun around the park – hitting up the Lion King show before getting the bus to Sanaa. If we still have the energy, we’ll go back to the park and enjoy the Na’vi River and Safari again.


What I Planned:
We’re having breakfast at Akershus at 8. Epcot doesn’t open till 9. I’m hoping we can finish breakfast and get right in line for Frozen Ever After. Then FastPass it for a bit later and go on it a second time.
Fastpassing: Frozen Ever After, Seas with Nemo and Friends, Character Spot if they open FP again in the new location OR Turtle Talk with Crush.
Keith’s Note: I’m not excited about using FastPass in Epcot, but it’s the day we’re there and have plans for Disney Springs in the afternoon so no need for Passes then.

What I Ended Up With:
Seas With Nemo, Frozen Ever After, Turtle Talk

My Thoughts on the Results:
Ooofff. I was right. Not excited about Epcot for FastPasses. Frozen wasn’t available till later in the day and I don’t really see ourselves going from Norway to The Land to Norway back to The Seas. But I made the passes just in case. I’m guessing that we’ll just not use our passes this day.


What I Planned:
Hollywood Studios in the morning
Fastpassing: Toy Story Mania, Disney Junior Dance Party, Beauty & The Beast Live on Stage

What I Ended Up With:
Toy Story Mania, Disney Junior Dance Party, Beauty & the Beast Live on Stage.

My Thoughts on the Results:
I got all three – and pumped to score a 9:10am window for Toy Story Mania. We’ll rope drop (arriving by Skyliner) Mania and see if we can get on it (or Aliens Saucers) and then use our FastPass for it. Having the shows scheduled works nice around lunch time too (Hello TOTCHOS!).


What I Planned:
Magic Kingdom in the morning
We have lunch at Be Our Guest and we cannot wait for that!
Fastpassing: Enchanted Tales with Belle, Buzz Lighyear Space Ranger Spin, Pirates of the Caribbean

What I Ended Up With:
Meet Ariel at her Grotto, Enchanted Tales with Belle, Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin

My Thoughts on the Results:
I bumped my favorite Pirates in favor of getting one more Princess meet that I had totally forgotten about! So, we’ll meet Ariel and wait in line for Pirates (if the kids are up for it). Having Enchanted Tales right before lunch at Be Our Guest will be a great back to back combo. Then a little Buzz Blasting after lunch. Good times.


What I Planned:
Leaving it open.
What do we all want to go back and see? I’m going to Fastpass at Hollywood Studios JUST in case.
Fastpassing: Toy Story Mania (again), Voyage of the Little Mermaid, Frozen Sing A Long

What I Ended Up With:
Meet Rapunzel and Tiana at Fairy Tale Hall, Peter Pan’s Flight, Meet Micky (Minnie still?) at Town Square Hall.

My Thoughts on the Results:
I dumped the idea of Hollywood Studios. Maybe we’ll still head back there, but chances are, the kids will want to go back to Magic Kingdom again. It has the most things they are excited about, anyway. So, I got more princesses, a chance to fly with Peter and if we don’t get a pic with Mickey before our last day, we’ll have this waiting in case we need to check that final autograph off our list.


PHEW! It’s over. For now.

This is truly the most stressful part of the pre-planning for a Walt Disney World DADventure. If you’re suffering through it – PLEASE – get in touch and I’ll offer any help I can give.

I’m sure I’ll tweak these FastPasses as we get closer to the days. I’ll try to see if I can get on a morning Safari or maybe sneak Pirates in there somewhere. But I think the kids will be happy with this, and I’m not all that concerned if we don’t use some of these.

The more I worked on this, the more I realized that (like the Disney Food Plan we are NOT doing) not everything works for every family. We have three LITTLE kids – they’re 5 and under. The rides and shows we’ll want to do the most shouldn’t be awful long waits in November. And if something is crazy busy, we move on. The FastPasses may be more of a hindrance with our idea to take it easy and go with the flow as much as possible. But at least they’re set and booked and we can use them if we want to.

What about you guys? Does the FastPass system work for you? How do you deal with the stress of it all? I’d be so grateful if you shared some thoughts in the comments below (I promise to continue the conversations with you!) on our Instagram and Facebook.

Thanks for reading and remember, DADventure is out there!

So long,

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