DADventure Disney – Even MORE Snacks I’m Dying To Hunt Down at Walt Disney World

This is becoming a bit of a trend for me. I started this blog, over a month ago, with the top snacks I’m dying to find on our DADventure to Walt Disney World this November. I followed it up a bit later with round two of food I need to find. Then, yesterday our Disney Parents Panel talked about our Top 10 favorite places to eat at Disney World. I’M HUNGRY!

Over the past couple weeks, some of the amazing Disneygramers I love following on Instagram have posted even MORE snacks I HAVE TO FIND!

SO…. that means another list for you! Only a few this time, but they are doozies!

Starting it off with the ORIGINATOR of making people HUNGRY for Walt Disney World – the famous AJ and The Disney Food Blog.

Photo: DisneyFoodBlog. Click photo for their post.

I love peanut butter cups. I love peanut butter. I love brownies. HOLY MOLY let’s put them together!!! You’ll find me at the Backlot Express at Hollywood Studios finding this amazing morsel.

Next up, a taco like I’ve NEVER seen before, thanks to @single_girl_at_disney.

Photo: @single_girl_at_disney. Click photo for her post.

This cone of taco deliciousness is called the #TacoCone and it’s at the 4 Rivers Smokehouse Food Truck at Disney Springs. See you there!

Back into the sweets with my friends Meaghan and Evan of @homeawayfromdisney.

Photo: @homeawayfromdisney. Click the photo to see their post.

Part of the Epcot Food & Wine Festival is the ability to make your own sushi… wait for it… CANDY sushi!! This looks amazing and you can bet you’ll find me and the littles there at The Land Pavilion making some rolled candy goodness. I mean, come on – the “rice” is RICE KRISPIES TREATS! I believe you can call ahead and reserve a spot.

Finishing it off is a recent post that speaks to the pretzel lover in me, again, by the one and only @disneyfoodblog.

Photo: DisneyFoodBlog (Click pic for their post)

Lately, there is nothing more popular on a menu than an artisanal charcuterie board. We do them all the time at my farm-to-table catering company here in New England – great meats, local cheeses, amazing olives, etc. But wait – Disney takes it one step closer to PERFECTION – they put it on a huge hot pretzel!

If you’re looking for me this November, you should probably start at Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar in Disney Springs. I’ll be the guy with this $22 platter of awesome on my table.

What makes your mouth water when you’re heading to Walt Disney World? Share your thoughts in our comments below, on our Instagram and Facebook pages.

Thanks for reading and remember, DADventure is out there!

So long,

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