DADventure Disney – Disney Dads, A New Band of Brothers

“From this day to the ending of the world,
But we in it shall be rememberèd—
We few, we happy few, we band of brothers;
For he to-day that sheds his blood with me
Shall be my brother”
Henry V, Act IV Scene iii 18–67
William Shakespeare

There’s a very common misconception that Disney trip planning and love of all things Disney is for Mom and her kids. I’m here (and I’m not alone) to say that just isn’t true.

There is an uprising here – the Disney Dad is taking his place in the world of Disney trips. Everything from the planning to the eating to the packing. We Disney Dads are being a part of it, proud to be, and often, taking the planning just as serious (if not more) than our amazing Disney partners.

If you’ve been reading along with my stories these past few months, you know my background – Dad of 3 little kids 5 and under. An amazing wife. Living the good life on a small family farm in Connecticut. We went to Disney on our honeymoon and this November, we’re taking our Littles to Walt Disney World for the very first time.

And who’s doing the planning?

The Disney Dad is part of a culture where fathers want to be, and are, a much bigger part in all aspects of family life. Gone are the days of Ward Cleaver coming home from the day at the office, being handed a Manhattan, sitting in his easy chair and expecting his kids to sit quietly until dinner.

We’ve rolled up our sleeves and we’re getting in there. We’re making dinner. We’re cleaning the house. We’re rocking bath time. We’re raising our kids to be the people we know they can.

I’m not the only Disney Dad feeling the joy of cultivating a love for Disney. I’ve met an amazing community of like-minded Disney Dad’s on social media. Many are a part of our weekly Top10Tuesdays parents’ panel.

Why do we love Disney? I asked a few of my fellow Disney Dads and here’s what they had to say!

It’s an escape from the real world and responsibilities which is second only to the way my kiddo is taken in by the magic and just lights up about it.

It’s about the kids. There’s something about seeing the magic in and through their eyes that is truly special. It’s about family. It’s super fun to look back and think of all the fun memories that you made together. It’s about the Food & Drink. Who doesn’t love eating? Disney has some amazing food and snacks. There is truly something for everyone. – @daddingatdisney

I love to see how happy my kids are when we’re there. Disney takes EXTRA special care for my disabled son always making it the best vacation we have ever done for him. I grew up on Disney and I want my kids to as well. – @thediaryofadisneydad

I love the food! I like to see my kids’ excitement and it distracts them a bit (hehehe). There are amazing golf courses there – if you’re a golfer. – @dad_at_disney

Mike ( and I launched a Facebook Group today called “Disney Dads Conquering The Kingdom”. It’s a group where we Disney Dads can get together and share planning tips, tricks, food, rides, hacks, fears, concerns, news and SO much more about Disney World and all that goes along with it.

Click HERE or the photo above to join our band of brothers on Facebook!

As for me, why do I love being a Disney Dad?

I think it all boils down to the Peter Pan living inside me. Don’t get me wrong, I love being an adult – the responsibilities and life that comes along with it. But I have never let the spark of childhood extinguish in my soul. My imagination is as vidid now, at 44, as it was when I was my son’s age. To me, Walt Disney World is a place where that imagination gets to step outside of me and open the door to a whole new world. We get to sail on pirate ships, safari on a jungle cruise, pilot a space ship and ride along with a flying elephant. We get to talk with a 5′ tall mouse and we get to literally walk into the movies of our childhood. When Disney and Star Wars become one…6-year-old Keith was doing backflips inside of my heart. And 44-year-old Keith is going to FLY THE MILLENNIUM FALCON!

Now, as a Dad, I get to spend a year and a half planning a 6 day trip. I get to bring my three children, and my wife, to the world of imagination and watch as those little ones let their imaginations out to roam free, too.

The countdown is at 38 days, today. This is getting real, people!

What about you? Are you a Disney Dad? Were you a doubter and now coming around to being one? Are you married to a Disney Dad? Share why YOU love Disney with us in the comments below, our Instagram page or our Facebook page.

Thanks for reading! Remember, DADventure is out there!


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