DADventure Disney – How Disney Affects The Holiday Spirit

The calendar has turned into November. Our jack-o-lanterns have been fed to the chickens and in the Disney Parks, Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween has passed.

The pumpkin decor has fallen from the lamp posts on Main Street.

And yes – if you look around Instagram, Christmas is ALREADY here in the parks!

Photo from @rebeccaenchanted on Instagram.

When I’m not in a Disney frame of mind (we leave in 10 DAYS!!), I hate to rush into Christmas. I don’t like heading to Home Depot for an early fall need and being assaulted by fake Christmas trees and flashing lights.

This was me last October.

Tradition in my house, growing up, was that Christmas didn’t have a place until Thanksgiving had passed. We would always pile in the car (or cars as our families grew) and drive into upstate New York to visit my Aunt and Uncle for Thanksgiving dinner.

On the way home, we would pop in a brand new Christmas CD and the Christmas holiday had officially begun.

One of my favorite recent CDs we used was the CeeLo Green Christmas CD – “CeeLo’s Magic Moment”. His tune with the Muppets is GENIUS!

I held strong to that belief for the vast majority of my life… until my wife and I spent our honeymoon at Walt Disney World in mid-November, 6 years ago.

Disney WAS Christmas. Garland everywhere. Sipping hot cocoa while wearing shorts. Cinderella’s Castle dripping with icicle lighting.

That smashing sound you hear? That’s my strong belief in no Christmas before Thanksgiving shattering into a million pieces.

Disney changed me.

We raced home and decorated our house. We pumped the Christmas music and although we had yet to enjoy some turkey, mashed potatoes and cranberry jelly … I welcomed the Christmas spirit early.

In the ensuing years, we didn’t decorate as early. Our tradition now is putting the tree up AS we watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade on Thanksgiving morning.

But this year, with our DADventure to Disney coming up fast, I’m already feeling the Christmas spirit. I’m excited to enjoy the holidays longer this year – to envelop Thanksgiving into it all, too.

I’m excited to get a few new ornaments (one of my favorite keepsakes to bring home from the parks) to hang on the tree.

This is the ornament we picked up on our Honeymoon.

I’m excited for that SMELL of Christmas that wafts down Main Street and for every sense to immediately fall into the feeling of Christmas.

For me, Christmas is joy and love, of family, of friendship. It’s a time of year that people do seem happier. People seem to like each other just a little bit more. Sure, there’s an insane merchandising aspect to all of it, but for me, the prevailing sentiment is that of closeness to one another.

Disney treads that fine line between sharing the joy of the season with the price tag. I’m PUMPED to see that it’s already beginning to look a lot like Christmas in the parks and I cannot wait to walk, hand in hand, with my family into that magic.

Part of the planning process is to have an idea of what you’re walking into so that you can set strong expectations for your family – especially the little kids. When you’re traveling during the holidays, especially before Thanksgiving, I want you to be prepared that the kids (and hopefully you too) will have that Christmas spirit in your veins when you get home. Be prepped to keep it going. Bring some Disney Christmas music, some decor and maybe an ornament or two.

Allow yourself to break free from a ONLY AFTER THANKSGIVING rule for this year… let the spirit flow. It just feels so good.

How about you? Do you LOVE Disney celebrating holidays early, or do you wish there was more time without? Do you wait till after Thanksgiving to do anything Christmas? What Disney holiday traditions does your family have?

Share with me in the comments below or on Instagram and Facebook.

DADventure is out there!

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