DADventure Disney Top 10 Tuesday – Top 10 Things We’re Thankful For In The Disney Parks

Welcome back to DADventure Disney’s round table of some of my favorite Disney Fan Parents on Instagram.

Every week, I work alongside this merry band of Disney fan parents to find our Top 10 favorites in all things Disney. See ALL our lists by clicking HERE!

This week, the group consists of these Disney Parent Panelists:
and yours truly @dadventuredisney.

Our topic this week: Top 10 Things We’re Thankful For In The Disney Parks!

It’s Thanksgiving Week and we Disney Parents are thankful for so many things in our lives. When it comes to the Disney Parks there are a few things that we adore are there for us.

Photo: Disney

This week, we share the amazing pieces of a visit to the Disney Parks that we are truly thankful for. Food, travel, people – SO much to love.

10 of us submitted ballots this week and we came up with almost 50 different things to be thankful for!

Check out the list below and let us know what YOU are thankful for in the comments below.

Annual Passholders/DVC
Perfect For Those Who Visit Often
Top 10 Score: 1.40, nominated on 3 of 10 ballots.

Photo: Disney

If you visit the Disney parks more than once a year, you HAVE to look into becoming an Annual Passholder or Disney Vacation Club member. Both have some really amazing benefits and special gifts, experiences, pricing and more.

If you have any questions, let us know. Quite a few of our Disney Parents Panel are members and would be happy to answer anything you are curious about.

Let me sit and cool off!
Top 10 Score: 1.40, nominated on 2 of 10 ballots. 1 first place vote.

Photo: Disney

Disney experts know the rides and attractions that allow for some much earned time to sit and relax in an air-conditioned space.

Some of our favorite places to do this include: The Carousel of Progress, Hall of Presidents, Country Bear Jamboree, Muppet Vision 3D, Finding Nemo the Musical, Tough to be a Bug and pretty much every inside place to get food.

The Rides
Top 10 Score: 2.00, nominated on 4 of 10 ballots.

Photo: Disney

From the classics of Jungle Cruise or it’s a small world, to the newest in Pandora or Galaxy’s Edge, we’re so thankful for all the fun things we get to ride on in the parks.

We get to ride in or on flying elephants, magic carpets, jeeps, limos, banshees, dinosaurs, Millennium Falcons, boats, clam shells, doom buggies and soooo much more.

Where else do we get to do this?

From Snacks to 5-Star Dinners
Top 10 Score: 2.50, nominated on 4 of 10 ballots.

Photo: Disney

We’ve talked about food here a lot. There’s a reason for it. It’s SOOOO good!

Top 10 Favorite Classic Snacks | Top 10 Favorite Places to Eat | Top 10 Sweet Treats

What’s your favorite food?

Free Water
Top 10 Score: 2.50, nominated on 5 of 10 ballots.

Photo: DADventure Disney

We’ve mentioned that a water bottle HAS to be in your bag you bring to the parks each day – hydration is KEY!

Every quick service will give you water. There are fountains everywhere and more and more you’ll see the water bottle filling stations (as you see in the pic above from DADventure’s trip last week) popping up everywhere.

Anything FREE at Disney is a treat!

Instant Memories
Top 10 Score: 2.80, nominated on 4 of 10 ballots.

Photo: Disney

Photo Pass is a wonderful tool. It allows a PRO to take your photos. It puts it all on your account. They shoot shots you may miss AND you get to be IN the photos of your own vacation!

Sure, there’s a cost – but the benefits are amazing.

Not to mention, the photographers are some of the nicest CM’s you’ll meet in the parks!

Park Transportation
Let THEM Drive You
Top 10 Score: 2.90, nominated on 4 of 10 ballots.

Photo: DADventure Disney

The FREE Disney Magical Express Bus that picks you (and your luggage) up at the airport and drives you to your resort. The FREE park buses connecting all parts of the park. The FREE monorail. The FREE boats. And now the new FREE Disney Skyliner!

Disney is a pro at getting you from point A to point B – and they do it with that special Disney “magic”.

Family Memories
Top 10 Score: 3.90, nominated on 4 of 10 ballots. 3 first place votes.

Photo: Disney

We’re a group of Disney PARENTS! We love the parks on our own – of course we do. However, there’s nothing like making memories and traditions with our families – immediate, extended and friends, too!

Those of us with little kids, get to re-live our first visits through their eyes, and there really isn’t much better than that.

Cast Members and Characters
The People BEHIND the Magic
Top 10 Score: 5.60, nominated on 9 of 10 ballots. 1 first place vote.

Photo: Disney

To the drivers to the resort staff to the ticket takers and the security. To the people in the parade and in the shops. To the people in costume and the Imagineers. To the sanitation team and the fireworks experts. To the ride attendants, to the guest services crew and to the Dapper Dans. To EVERYONE who works at the Disney Parks… thank you. Thank you thank you thank you. It’s because of YOU the parks thrive with magic.

Cause Standing in Line is for Chumps
Top 10 Score: 7.30, nominated on 10 of 10 ballots.

Photo: Disney

It’s stressful to book, but a JOY to have. You don’t have to stand in line. You know WHEN you get to go on your favorites. You can book MORE when you use the initial three.

With all the things you want to do in the Disney Parks, not spending the day in long lines (especially the crazy hot months) is a gift beyond gifts.

There’s an art to FastPass (read our FP+ stories HERE), but once you figure it out – it’s a tool you’ll never want to be without.

Lot’s to be thankful for. Of course there’s a lot more! Coffee at Joffrey’s or Starbucks. How clean the parks are. Baby Centers, Soda Refills in collectible cups – or the $2.00 popcorn refills. The number of restrooms (especially those family ones). Magic Bands. Delivery of purchased goods back to your resort. Charging ports. Healthy or alternative foods. Fireworks. Stroller Room. Pet care. Drinking and SHADE! All more of the ideas we are thankful for at Disney.

How about YOU! What do you give thanks for at the parks? Share your ideas in the comments below or on our Instagram and Facebook pages.

From all of us in the Disney Parents Panels, and everyone here at DADventure Disney, we wish you and yours an amazing Thanksgiving. May it be filled with wonderful food, stories, people and memories!

Thanks for reading and always remember – DADventure is out there!


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