DADventure Disney Tip #2 – My Suggestion For Rope-Drop At Animal Kingdom With Your Family

It’s the circle of life, and it moves us all…

I know. You want to get to Animal Kingdom and rope-drop and RUN for Flight of Passage in Pandora.

If you have excited toddlers with you, like I did, STOP! Don’t do it. I’ve got something better for you.

Rope-drop the Kilimanjaro Safari!

This doesn’t have as much to do with the line getting long for the ride, but there’s so much more to it.

First, I should mention, it’s even better if you rope-drop when Animal Kingdom has Extra Magic Hours in the morning. Get there as the sun rises.

You’re going to walk right onto the ride and it’s when alllll the animals are rising and shining. The day is cooler. They’ve just woken up and are greeting the day.

We saw a TON of animals.

Giraffes on the Plains [Photo: DADventure Disney]

Hippo’s taking a morning dip. [Photo: DADventure Disney]

Up close and Personal with some White Rhinos. [Photo: DADventure Disney]

Pumbaa’s family. [Photo: DADventure Disney]
And the most exciting part of what we saw…. the LIONS were up and walking around, roaring, stretching… it was amazing to see.

[Photo: DADventure Disney]

[Photo: DADventure Disney]
Then, we got off the ride. Walked around the front, walked all the way through the empty queue and went again. We saw different animals including huge flocks of flamingos and all the elephants were out and playing about.

I can’t say enough about that early morning ride of the Safari. It’s an experience you won’t get there at any other time of the day.


Go to the park hungry! Get in line at Kusafiri Coffee Shop and Bakery and load up on some amazing breakfast options.

[Photo: DADventure Disney]
We got some fruit for the kiddos and the Sausage, Egg and Cheese Biscuit which was delicious. However, the crown jewel of Kusafiri is the Colossal Cinnamon Roll that yes, is shaped like Mickey Mouse.

[Photo: DADventure Disney]
It’s as good as it looks and it’s totally share-able with the whole family (or be that guy and eat the whole thing by yourself. I won’t judge you).

Are you going to give it a chance? Still going to sprint to Flight of Passage? Share with me in the comments below or on Instagram and Facebook.

DADventure is out there!

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