DADventure Disney Tip #3 – Have Your Magic Bands Ready At The Airport

You’ve landed in Orlando and it’s time to get to the Disney Magical Express for your ride to the parks.

Photo: DADventureDisney

Right away you know you’re in Disney Country thanks to Disney’s takeover of many items throughout the airport – including the little monorail-lite that takes you to the baggage carousels and the buses.

Photo: DADventureDisney

Now it’s time for you to be prepared!

Have your Magic Band in a readily accessible part of your carry-on luggage so you can put it on when you get off the plane. If you’ve checked your luggage and Disney is transporting directly to your resort – DON’T put your Magic Bands in there!

DON’T wear it on the plane!! There’s a chance you lose it and while it’s not very difficult to replace it in the parks, it’s no fun – especially if you have a special color or design.

Have it ready before you board the Disney Magical Express so the Cast Members can pass you right through and direct you to the right spot. Don’t hold up all the other happy people by digging into your luggage to find it.

Enjoy the trip to the parks – it’s the BEST way to travel!

Do you use Disney’s Magical Express? Ever get stuck behind THAT guy who is digging deep in his backback, holding up the line, muttering “I know it was here somewhere”? Share with me in the comments below or on Instagram and Facebook.

DADventure is out there!

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