DADventure Disney Tip #4 – How to Ride Millennium Falcon Smuggler’s Run Five Time in an Evening

It’s all about the Single Rider Line for Millennium Falcon Smuggler’s Run at Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge at Walt Disney World.

When the park isn’t insanely full, look to the left of the queue entry for the ride. You’ll see the hallway marked Single Rider.

photo: DADventure Disney

There is very limited waiting. You walk up the steps and wait till a group is missing one or two people to fill out the team of 6 you need to do the ride. You miss the whole queue and the cool Hando section, but you can ride over and over again. You still get to explore the main holding area IN the Falcon though! (left) met me in Batuu my first night there and we posed for this MUST HAVE photo op on the Falcon. (Photo:

Of the three jobs (Pilot, Gunner, Engineer), you usually are Engineer from the Single Rider line, but better than 60-120 minutes wait in line. I waited in the full queue once and STILL was engineer. Argh.

Photo: DADventure Disney

However, one glorious time I was handed the pilot pass from the Standby Line. I was floored. There was a delay in new parties coming down from the queue to ride, so the amazing Cast Member handed all six jobs to those of us in the Single Rider Line. Thankfully, I was standing there in the doorway!

SCORE! (photo: DADventure Disney)

It’s a great fun ride and worth doing a few times if you can. Just find that Single Rider line and do it up!

Have up been on Smuggler’s Run yet? Have you tried the Single Rider option? Share with me in the comments below or on Instagram and Facebook.

DADventure is out there!

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