DADventure Disney Tip #8 – Do You Speak Star Wars? You’ll Have to in Galaxy’s Edge

When you’re in Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge, it is truly Star Wars Land.

The food, the Cast Members, the shops and the language are all uniquely Star Wars.

If you’re not a huge Star Wars fan, you may find it a bit overwhelming and somewhat annoying.

My wife is NOT a Star Wars fan. Not sure she’s seen any of the movies all the way through. So, when she was asking Cast Members where she can fill the water bottle and was told that she can navigate our youngling transport through the Docking Bay to the hydration unit, she was more than annoyed. She simply wanted the CM to say “The water fountain is over there.” But, they aren’t allowed to.

Photo: DADventure Disney

EVERYTHING is on theme and the authorities are always watching!

When she asked if they still had lightsaber churros, she was told they may exist off-planet but for now the CM wasn’t sure if Oga has allowed them back in Black Spire. What?!

Photo: DADventure Disney

The food is also referred to, mostly, by Star Wars terms. We wanted some fried chicken for the kids and the CM offered us Endorian Tip-Yip.

Even the Hidden Mickeys in Galaxy’s Edge are Star Wars.

Can you spot the Hidden Mickey? Photo: DADventureDisney

It’s fun for those of us who love the world of Star Wars. But I can see the bit of a disconnect for those who aren’t.

When my brother and I were hunting for Savi’s workshop to make our lightsaber, it was quite a mystery and asking CMs didn’t help until I asked where the Scrap Yard was.

Photo: DADventure Disney

We almost need an English to Batuu dictionary. So, allow me to help you out a bit!

Data Pad: Your smart phone or tablet. (Stormtroopers will question you about these)
Bright Suns: Good Morning
Rising Moons: Good Evening
Traveler: That’s you. Park Guests.
Locals: Cast Members
The Scrap Yard: Savi’s Hidden Workshop – where you can build your lightsaber.
Hydrator: Water Fountain
Refresher: Bathrooms
Resistance: The “Good Guys” (Chewbacca, Rey, Vi)
First Order: The “Bay Guys” (Kylo Ren, Storm Troopers, Soldiers)
Til The Spires!: Have a great day/night!
Younglings: Kids
Youngling Transport: Stroller
Well Bartered: Thank you after a payment transaction
Credits: Money
Credit Chip: Credit Card
Off-Planet/Off-World: The rest of Disney World/Disneyland

Photo: DADventure Disney

There’s more – but these terms will at least open the door to where you’re going. Just like in middle-school Spanish class, the first thing you need to learn is Donde Esta El Bano? On Batuu, ask to be pointed to the refresher.

As far as the food goes, Disney backed off on the purely Star Wars descriptions/names they had and you’ll see the signage now lists the understandable version of the food, too.

Do you like how immersive Galaxy’s Edge is? Would you prefer if Cast Members had the chance to talk “normal” if you asked them? Ever see the Dianoga in the hydrator outside the refreshers as you enter the bazaar? Share with me in the comments below or on Instagram and Facebook.

DADventure is out there!

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