DADventure Disney Top 10 Tuesday – Favorite Things To Do At Home To Keep The Disney Magic “Alive”

Welcome back to DADventure Disney’s round table of some of my favorite Disney Fan Parents on Instagram.

Every week, I work alongside this merry band of Disney fan parents to find our Top 10 favorites in all things Disney. See ALL our lists by clicking HERE!

This week, the group consists of these Disney Parent Panelists:
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Our topic this week: Top 10 Favorite Things To Do At Home To Keep The Disney Magic At Home

We are all sheltered in our homes. We hope you and yours are well, safe and healthy.

The Disney Parks are closed. The Disney Store and Outlets are closed. The Resorts, Restaurants and Shops are closed. We can’t head to see Onward, Jungle Book or Mulan in the theaters.

However, that doesn’t mean we can’t still celebrate and experience the MAGIC of Disney, right here at home.

The Disney Parents Panel came up with our Top 10 Favorite things we do at home. We may look silly or fear overloading the family with Disney-stuff, but we won’t give up the magic!

After you view our list, hit the comments below and let us know what you think of our list and What YOU are doing at home to keep the magic going!

Let’s get to it!

Online Shopping
Making Magic Mail
Top 10 Score: 2.08, nominated on 7 of 12 ballots. has MANY of the exclusive Disney things we love to collect. We LOVE our Disney Etsy Shop creators and private shops!

Star Wars Rebel Hat from @TheDisneyNationTM shop!

[See our Top 10 Favorite Disney Collectable Items]

Mugs, magnets, clothes, ears… what do you shop for?

Disney Games
Board Games, Video Game & More!
Top 10 Score: 2.33, nominated on 5 of 12 ballots.

We’re playing Magical Kingdoms on our phones. We’re rocking the Disney Classic Games on X-Box and the trivia on the internet. Board game mania too!

What are you playing at home?

Disney YouTube
Non-Stop Loops!
Top 10 Score: 3.25, nominated on 8 of 12 ballots.

Tips and Tricks from DisneyFoodBlog. The Vlogs of MANY of our Disney Parents Panelists (listed above). [Check out and her daughter recreate Into The Unknown! SO CUTE!] Fireworks and Parade videos. YouTube is FULL of ways to virtually visit the parks.

The newest trend, which we LOVE, is to put you little kids into a box or laundry basket infront of your big TV. Load up a Disney Ride-Thur video and move the box/basket in line with the point of view of the ride. SO FUN!

Planning The Next Trip
Look to the Future!
Top 10 Score: 3.33, nominated on 5 of 12 ballots. 1 first place vote.

You can’t go to the parks right now. Or maybe even next month. But.. SOON! So, start planning!

Call your Disney Agent (did you know our very own @DisMoms is one?), jump on the Disney website, get our your travel books.

You’ve got some planning to do – nothing gets you more excited for Disney than planning to actually go there!

When’s your next visit?

Disney Clothes/Dress Up
Home Bounding?
Top 10 Score: 5.58, nominated on 8 of 12 ballots.

Get the kids dressed up in their Disney costumes. Pull out all the Disney pajamas or t-shirts. Wear your ears and caps around the house.

For some of us, we even dress up as if we were just in the park on an average day! 🙂

DIStagrammer RULE!
Top 10 Score: 4.08, nominated on 9 of 12 ballots.

There should be no surprise that our Disney Parents Panelists are surfing Instagram and interacting with our fellow Disney-maniacs all day. There are SO many great Disney accounts to chat with, view, watch, listen to and just remember fond days when we were all in the parks.

We can’t list all the best – but if you start with our accounts we listed at the top of this story – you’ll find the good stuff! 🙂

It’s HarmoniUS!
Top 10 Score: 4.50, nominated on 10 of 12 ballots. 1 first place vote.

“Alexa, Play Disney Princess Radio!”

Have a dance party! Get out the Old CDs! How about a little Disney Karaoke?

The tunes are timeless. They can be sad, happy, exciting – but they’re all good!

Looking for a good playlist? Ask Alexa to play the Legacy Collection Disneyland on Pandora!

Craft Time
Coloring, Painting, Drawing & More!
Top 10 Score: 4.58, nominated on 8 of 12 ballots.

Grab the Disney Coloring Books and a box of colored pencils. Hit the sidewalk with some chalk. Find a blank canvas and some paints.

Make some characters out of trash and pipe cleaners (Forky anyone?). Decorate a window!

How do you get crafty with Disney Magic?

Cooking & Baking
Disney Style!
Top 10 Score: 5.50, nominated on 11 of 12 ballots.

Break out the Mickey Waffle maker! Or get creative while making pancakes!

Disney has been releasing recipes to make their famous churros or even the Dole Whip at home!

What are you cooking up to remind you of the parks?

Every Disney Fan’s Greatest Gift
Top 10 Score: 7.67, nominated on 11 of 12 ballots. 7 first place votes.

Binge The Mandalorian. Watch an Imagineer documentary. Catch up on your favorite throw-back Disney Channel show. Watch EVERY CLASSIC Disney movie they have. Marvel – Star Wars – it’s all here.

Make it Movie Night at home! Project Disney+ on a wall and pop some corn into your collectible tins.They recently added Frozen 2 and Onward – you can check those off your life-list now!

So, how is the Disney Magic living large in your home? Are you dancing to Tangled? Singing along with Elsa? Walking around in your Mickey PJ Pants and Minnie Ears?

Share your thoughts in the comments below or on our Instagram and Facebook pages.

Keith & the Disney Parents Panel

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