Disney Parents Panel Top 10 Tuesday – Our Top 10 Unpopular Disney Parks Opinions

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Our topic this week: Our 10 11 Unpopular Disney Parks Opinions

A lot of times, the internet (especially Instagram) can be guilty of only sharing the beautiful things in life. Here at Disney Parents Panel, it’s no different. We share the beauty of the parks, the food, the rides, the attractions, the resorts and so much more.

You can’t blame us, really. I mean, the Disney Parks really are magical spots.

However, we don’t always buy into the ‘hype machine’ behind a lot of the Disney Fan “must have/do” moments in the Parks. We’ve discussed this amongst ourselves and now share with you, 11 things we just don’t agree with.

It’s a bit different this week. We have ELEVEN answers this week – not just 10! Also, we didn’t rank our opinions, the 11 of us here this week submitted our #1 thing we don’t buy in to. I’ve withheld the names to protect the innocent, but you may be able to get some answers if you chat us up in the comments or on our Social Media pages.

[Note: The photos with each post are from a selection of all our Disney Parents Panel – they don’t necessarily match up with the anonymous author of each opinion.]

Now, let’s start a good debate, shall we? On to the list!

The Gaston Cinnamon rolls are not good at all!
Magic Kingdom
Gaston’s Tavern

They are dry, tasteless, and no icing to make up for the dryness.

If you do ask for extra icing, then you’re only tasting the icing.

I don’t like the rooms at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa
Magic Kingdom Resort Area
Deluxe Resort

I think as the flagship resort, they should be a lot more luxurious!

You can’t deny the convenience of the location of the Grand Flo, but the rooms are not up to snuff.

They need a total glam-up to go with the top pricing we see here.

Norway Pavilion’s famed School Bread is NOT good.
Kringla Bakery Og Kafe

We hotly anticipated trying this famous Norwegian treat touted by many as their favorite Disney snack and we were all SO disappointed!

What can only be described as dry, custard filled rye bread, this snack is an absolute no go for us. What is with all the hype?!

We’ve heard that maybe we got an old one or one that had been sitting out for too long, but we’re hesitant to waste the money and try again.

School bread is a definite pass!

Disney’s Magical Express is Amazing
Orlando Airport
Direct to your Resort

I know, it’s public transportation.

And some people think it takes too long. And it’s a bus.

But you literally don’t have to haul carseats with you on your flights. And your luggage just appears in your room.


I do not like the Electrical Light Parade
Pops up from Time to Time
On Both Coasts

Everyone LOVES it. I couldn’t really care less.

Most of the floats have movies that are my least favorite. So, it just doesn’t do anything to me.

Even the music is not my favorite.

The Disney Dining Plan is not worth the expense.
Walt Disney World
Too Many Rules

There are a ton of ways to still eat the Disney food, and have the character meal experiences that you want, without going all in on the Dining Plan.

Now, this will be different depending on your family’s needs. We eat breakfast in our room at the resort, pack lots of snacks, and eat a late lunch in the parks. We usually head back to the resort after lunch for naps and pool time. Disney portions are really big!

We will frequently plan a special dinner or character breakfast during the week – but not everyday.

I find it hard to recommend the Country Bear Jamboree.
Magic Kingdom

There are many things I want to recommend. It’s a piece of Disney history. It’s a great show for an AC break. I love “some” of the Dad/Disney jokes. I love the animatronics and “most” of the songs. It’s one of the few attractions with little to no wait on a busy park day.

However, when I take my kids there or even when I’m there without them, there are definitely some “of their time” moments in the show that make me cringe or hope that those aren’t the parts my kids start repeating regularly.

It would be a different story with the Summertime or Christmas overlays where I really enjoy the soundtracks and, again, I enjoy most of it. But those parts make the otherwise famous and Disney historical Country Bears hard to recommend to friends and family, especially if they’re bringing kids. Definitely recommend hanging out with them if they’re out and about greeting in Frontierland though!

You don’t have to be at the park open to close
Rope Drop – Fireworks

Rope Drop at Hollywood Studios

Sometimes not being at the park open to close will actually allow you to feel the magic and enjoy the park more than being there the whole time and being exhausted.

If you plan the day out you can actually do most everything as well.

I don’t like the Matterhorn
Opened in 1959!

As a kid, I was first in line to ride the Matterhorn from park open until park close… but as an adult, it’s terrible.

Unless you’re under 5 ft tall, then you’re too big. And if you have the slightest back problem expect to visit your chiropractor after your ride.

Hard pass, thank you.

I prefer to go to WDW during the busy times!
Hello Summer & Holidays
Crowds Schmouds!

I know everyone pines for low crowds, but one thing I like more than that is extended hours and those are usually only at the busiest times of the year! For example, at Thanksgiving there are large crowds but we can fit so much more Disney in our trips because the parks open at 6 or 7am and close as late as midnight! And with Extra Magic Hours Magic Kingdom stays open sometimes as late as 1:30am!

With extended hours, I can rope drop and stay in the parks til lunch, then head back to the resort for a nap, and then grab dinner before a late night in the parks! And most of the crowds avoid the really late hours so you get the best of both worlds!


I don’t like Dole Whip
I don’t get it.
Give me a Mickey Bar

When you go to the ice cream shop do you ask for the sherbet? No. No one does. Grandma, maybe.

SO… why do we line up all day, in the sun, to get just that with some vanilla soft serve mixed in to melt all over our hands. It’s not THAT tasty and it’s nothing special or remarkable about the presentation.

I really think it’s more peer pressure than anything else. not on my Top 10 favorite Disney sweets, I’ll tell you that.

So, what do you think? Did we overstep? Did we besmirch your childhood memories? Is Mickey going to look a us crossly on our next visits? What is YOUR incredibly unpopular Disney Parks opinion?

Share your thoughts in the comments below or on our Instagram and Facebook pages.

Keith & the Disney Parents Panel

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