#AskDADventureDisney – Millennium Falcon Smuggler’s Run vs Star Tours?

Episode 5 of AskDADventureDisney was a BALL to work on because I am one of the biggest Star Wars fans around. Add that to Disney and BLAMO – it’s a fun video this week!

This week’s question is from one of our Instagram followers @cassidyrask. She asked…

Is the new Star Wars ride one like the old one in that it could make you motion sick?

I talk about that and a bunch more about what it’s like on Smuggler’s Run in the video below. Give it a quick watch and then I hope you’ll hit the comments and let me know your thoughts. Which do you like better? Have you been on The Rise of the Resistance yet? I want to know! Let’s get the discussion going.

I’d LOVE it if you would submit an AskDADventureDisney question – CLICK HERE to send me yours!

You can see ALL our AskDADventureDisney videos by clicking here.


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