Disney Parents Panel Top 10 Tuesday – The BEST Things We’ve Ever Eaten in the Disney Parks

Welcome back to DADventure Disney’s round table of some of my favorite Disney Fan Parents on Instagram.

Before we get any further, on behalf of the Disney Parents Panel I wanted to share our dismay in the state our Country finds itself in this past week or so. Our hearts break for humans who are treated any less than we should all be treated and are saddened that it takes awful circumstances to force us all to take a look at ourselves and what is really going on. To negatively profile or spotlight or act on someone due to a belief, religion, lifestyle or color is simply inhuman and we send all the love we have to anyone struggling with this – especially those carrying the banner for the amazing battle of #BlackLivesMatter.

We share and echo the sentiments broadcast from the Disney corporation last week:

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Thank you.

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This week, the answers came these Disney Parent Panelists:
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Our topic this week: Our 10 (+1) BEST things we have ever had in the Disney Parks.

For many Disney fanatics, the food at Disney is just as important (if not more so) than the rides! Many amusement parks are known for cafeteria type food – cold burgers, chewy chicken, tasteless fries, microwaved overcooked brownies. Not at Disney my friends, oh no, not at Disney.

We hmmm’ed and hawww’ed and debated with ourselves – what was the ONE thing that we each consider our favorite thing we have ever eaten? No true Top 10 this week, we wanted to spotlight each member’s #1 – so the list is as varied as we are! Though this list is numbered, it’s not ranked, simply numbered.

Check our our list, wipe up the drool and add some of these to your list for your next visit. Then, hit those comments below and share YOUR favorites!

Let’s get hungry, on to the list!

Matterhorn Macaroon
Jolly Holiday Bakery Cafe

Photo: Disney

That mountain of macaroon goodness lightly topped by the snowy peaks of the tasty frosting, delivered in a white paper to go pastry bag just can’t be beat.

It makes for the best pictures too! If you can’t get a mini Matterhorn model signed by Bob Gurr or be invited up to check out the secret basketball hoop amidst the peaks of the Matterhorn this is certainly a close second (and it’s edible and delicious too!)


Current Price (as of this post): $2.99

Churro Ice Cream Sandwich
Magic Kingdom
Sleepy Hollow Refreshments

I love churros. Can’t go to Disney without churros. It’s just not a Disney trip without a churro (or 10).

I love good ice cream – especially vanilla.

At Sleepy Hollow they combine them both! I’m sure it’s a huge mess on a hot day, but in November, when we like to go, it’s a treat like no other!


Current Price (as of this post): NOT LISTED! WHAT!?!

Hollywood Studios
Woody’s Lunchbox

It’s so hard to choose one favorite food, but the Totchos at Hollywood Studios because it has tots and loaded with nacho cheese and yummy other stuff. It is a great snack for our family of four.


Current Price (as of this post): $8.99

Fish Tacos
Sunshine Seasons

We absolutely have fallen head over fin for the fish tacos from Sunshine Seasons! They are so tasty and hit the spot when it’s the typical hot Florida day. They don’t weigh you down, but give you that “ahh I’m ready to go” feeling.


Current Price (as of this post): Not Currently Listed

Monte Cristo Sandwich
Cafe Orleans

Hands-down the best thing that we have ever eaten at any of the parks is a Monte Cristo sandwich with pomme frites! This is always our go to meal in Disneyland we so wish it was in Walt Disney World.

The sandwich is amazing and the jam that’s on the side completes the meal. We’ve never had a hard time getting reservations or walk ups at Cafe Orleans where it is found. It literally is a life-changing meal. I have heard rumors in Disney World that one of the resorts has a similar sandwich. Woody’s Lunchbox at Hollywood Studios used to have it but they pulled it from the menu.


Current Price (as of this post): $21.00

ALSO – BONUS for the Pomme Frittes on their own from: @milehighdisneymom!

The fries with the garlic and Parmesan dipped into the Cajun sauce is delicious. I could eat at least 5 orders. It’s as simple as fries, but at Disneyland, they make it magic!

Current Price (as of this post): $8.00

Disneyland Corn Dog
Main Street U.S.A.

The corn dog to beat all corn dogs only exists at The Little Red Wagon on Disneyland’s Main Street USA. These are hand dipped and have some kind of extra Disney Magic in the batter. The location also gives you prime views of Main Street, and the Disneyland Band comes right by here as the renter and exit. Nothing comes close!


Current Price (as of this post): Not Listed for Food Carts

Monsieur Paul

Photo: Disney

This thing is absolutely heavenly. Everything here is amazing. Perfect for a fancy date night or a special occasion meal in the parks.


Current Price (as of this post): NOT LISTED! WHAT AGAIN!?!

Peanut Butter Rice
Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge

Photo: Disney Food Blog (click for link to story)

Honestly, I’ve never tasted rice so amazing. It’s the beat rice I’ve ever had.


Current Price (as of this post): Buffet: (Adult $49.00 / Child Ages 3-9 $27.00)

Fried Herb and Garlic Cheese
Hollywood Studios
50’s Prime Time Cafe

Photo: Disney Food Blog (Click for their story)

It’s perfectly fried and savory, and the sauce and fruit are a great balance. We usually order 2 because it’s so delicious!


Current Price (as of this post): $9.00

‘Ohana Bread Pudding à la mode
Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort

Photo: Chip & Co (click photo for their story)

We landed on the bread pudding at Ohana. It’s decadent, warm and gooey, and just plain delicious. ‘Ohana isn’t our favorite overall restaurant so thank goodness you can snag this dessert from the Tambu Lounge just outside. It’s not on the lounge menu so be sure to ask!


Current Price (as of this post): Buffet: (Adult $55.00 / Child Ages 3-9 $33.00)

So, what do you think? Are you hungry yet? Have you tried any or ALL of these? Any you’re going to add to your list? What did we miss?

Share your thoughts in the comments below or on our Instagram and Facebook pages.

Keith & the Disney Parents Panel

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