Disney Parents Panel Top 10 Tuesday – Favorites Rides To Enjoy As A Family

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This week, the answers came these Disney Parent Panelists:
@disenchanted.dad & @dismoms,
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Our topic this week: Our FAVORITE rides to enjoy as a family in the Disney Parks.

Dad loves to go on Rise of the Resistance, Mom can’t wait to feel the fall on Tower of Terror and the kids don’t ever want to get off Frozen Ever After. But what rides can we all go on together and enjoy as a family?

The Disney Parents Panel is here to share our families’ favorite Disney rides. The ones that mean the most to us and are ALWAYS on the agenda.

We each submitted just one vote this week, and present the list to you not in an order, but simply as a guide to our favorites to all ride together.

Enjoy our list, then hit the comments and let us know which ride is YOUR favorite as a family.

Big Thunder Mountain
Disneyland & Magic Kingdom


We love squishing as we go around the corners. Sometimes we purposely put three to a seat so it will be extra squishy. It’s been the kids first roller coaster and they always love it. At the Disneyland one we also love to keep our eyes on the “goat with the tnt” the whole ride. –@disneyfamilytime

Haunted Mansion
Disneyland & Magic Kingdom
@disenchanted.dad | @thepixiemommy

Photo: Disney

It’s partially the length of the experience, but it’s also been a favorite of Lisa’s and mine [separately] since we were kids, and it’s kinda awesome to see The Little’s enjoyment of the “fright factor”. At 5, she’s already carrying on the ‘Haunter’ tradition. –@disenchanted.dad


We go on it every time. We love that children of all sizes can go on it and that you can even baby wear your baby right into it. Last time we went we got one ride vehicle for our 4 year old, 1 year old, me and my husband and I loved that we didn’t have to be split up so we could both see our kids reactions to the “happy haunts”. Also you can’t go wrong with a ride that cools you off from the Florida heat…and has a jaunty tune! –@thepixiemommy

it’s a small world
Disneyland & Magic Kingdom
@dadsofadventure | @dreamsmagicadventure | @suburbanartsymom | @the.stoweaways.wdw

At the end of the day Small World normally has low wait times so we love sneaking in a ride on this attraction as the last attraction of the day. My boys love the music and will wave at the cast member in the tower and even have the animatronic motions down for a number of their favorite scenes. It’s fun to watch them and bonus if we get the front seat for an unobstructed view. It gives us a chance to relax before heading out of the park for the day. –@dadsofadventure


Our favorite attraction to experience together is “it’s a small world”. It has been a favorite since our boys first times at the Magic Kingdom. They love to mimic all of the movements of the dolls. I love seeing them identify with children from around the world. –@dreamsmagicadventure


As a mom of young kids (5&3), Small World is definitely our favorite family ride. That ride has so much to offer for the kiddos! A catchy song, bright lights, colors, magic and of course the hula girls. And for parents it offers two very important things: 15 minutes of straight entertainment for the kids and air conditioning. Hoping that one day I’ll be able to say Rise of the Resistance but we’re not quite there yet ha! –@suburbanartsymom


It’s more nostalgic than thrilling because my kids learned the lyrics really quickly and loved the colors. It’s also a longer ride and a great way to beat the heat or give your feet a rest. Plus you can almost always get a late fast pass or walk on so it’s not a long wait! –@the.stoweaways.wdw

Kilimanjaro Safari
Animal Kingdom

Forget rope-dropping Pandora – we run right for the Safari first thing in the morning! The animals are all out and about and we spend the whole ride pointing and screaming animal names to each other. All five of us fit on one bench in the safari vehicle and laugh the whole time throughout.

Then, we get off the ride and get right back on again, sitting on the opposite side of the vehicle and taking it all in a different way. –@dadventuredisney

Prince Charming Regal Carrousel
Magic Kingdom

For many of our Disney World trips, it’s an extended family trip. This is one of the few rides that everyone can ride together! –@mamamouseinthemidwest

Pirates of the Caribbean
Disneyland & Magic Kingdom
@milehighdisneymom | @thevacayclubfamily

Why- we all get to sit together. There is so much to see every time you go on it that you didn’t notice before. And we will all notice and then talk about it forever. And because of it we go on at least 4 or 5 times when we are there for 3 days. We always eat at the Blue Bayou too. It’s in Pirates of Caribbean ride (building). And you get the New Orleans vibe plus here all the noise from the 1st part of the ride and see all the boats pass you by. It’s the best family ride! –@milehighdisneymom

We love that there isn’t a height requirement, sitting on the same bench, the (not so) scary drop and all the nostalgia… we love the movies, too! It was actually our 2 year old’s first ride, at 8 months old! Yo-ho, yo-ho… it’s a pirates’ life for us! –@thevacayclubfamily

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train
Magic Kingdom

Our favorite ride as a family has been Seven Dwarfs, lately. It’s a fun roller coaster that we all love and enjoy! –@disneycrazfamily

Slinky Dog Dash
Hollywood Studios

We love to play eye spy in the queue it’s our kiddos favorite line game, she loves to explore all of Andy’s toys and designs. And you can’t beat the ride, hands up and we laugh and yell through the whole thing. –@dismoms

So, what do you think? What’s missing from this list? Surprised how many of us mentioned it’s a small world? Is the song now stuck in your head?

Share your thoughts in the comments below or on our Instagram and Facebook pages.

Keith & the Disney Parents Panel

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