Disney Parents Panel Top 10 Tuesday – Can Only Do ONE Park, Which Do We Choose?

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This week, the answers came these Disney Parent Panelists:
@disenchanted.dad & @dismoms,
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Our topic this week: If we could only visit ONE park – which would we choose?

We’re changing it up a little this week and skipping the true Top 10 in lieu of a new kind of discussion.

With the current re-opening plan, Walt Disney World is limiting guest visits to one park a day. That got me thinking – if I could only visit ONE park – which would I choose?

I asked my fellow Disney Parents Panel members the same question and now we share our answers with you!

Please have a look at our answers below, especially the WHY’s behind our choices and then hit the comments below and let us know what you think.

On to the the list – let’s go!

Disney California Adventure
One Vote

Of all the parks, its the one we’ve spent the least time freely exploring –@disenchanted.dad

Two Votes
@disneycrazfamily | @mamamouseinthemidwest

We would have the best of both worlds… rides and relaxation (with a few drinks thrown in 🤣). This way Piper would be able to ride and have tons of fun and we could hang out with a drink, or two, while wondering World Showcase! Also, we would have tons of snack ideas and such!- @disneycrazfamily

Epcot – Always. Eat all the food. Drink all the drinks. Plus, you can see almost all of the favorite characters with much shorter lines than in Magic Kingdom. –@mamamouseinthemidwest

Four Votes
@dadsofadventure | @disneyfamilytime | @dreamsmagicadventure | @milehighdisneymom

You can do it in one day and so layered with the history of Walt Disney himself and all the original Imagineeers! It’s an inspiration and provides something for everyone! And the food can’t be beat! Corn dogs from the little red wagon please! – @dadsofadventure

At Disneyland there seems to be the most in the smallest space… bang for your buck. Because we have been there so many times we have all learned so many little things we love to do like weekend dancing, amazing treats like tigger tails, ways to get into sit down restaurants when they have no reservations. Also you can feel the special amazing magic of the first Disney park when you walk in! – @disneyfamilytime

After this year, nothing sounds more magical than walking where Walt walked, grabbing a treat at the Jolly Holiday Bakery, and experiencing the original “it’s a small world”. – @dreamsmagicadventure

To my family and I, we feel at home at Disneyland. I know everyone does at their park of choice. But Disneyland was from Walt. It was his baby. It was the 1st one built. It’s magical. It’s original. It’s his home. So it’s our home. I walk in, and all my worries go away. Don’t get me wrong, I love DCA. But to us, we don’t get that magical vibe right away when you walk in. Disneyland is everything to my husband, girls and I! – @milehighdisneymom

Magic Kingdom (WDW)
Six Votes
@dadventuredisney | @dismoms | @disneyblogmomma | @thediaryofadisneydad | @the.stoweaways.wdw | @thevacayclubfamily

Of all the parks – it just feels the most “Walt” to us. Walking down Main Street U.S.A. The iconic Cinderella’s Castle. The classic rides mixed with the new adventures. All the characters where they belong – right out of our fantasies. Especially since we have two little princesses, Magic Kingdom is the place to be. – @dadventuredisney

Magic Kingdom but 1 day would not be enough. There is magic there, it’s right in the name. – @dismoms

We pick Magic Kingdom because we feel that it offers the most bang for the buck. Offers the most rides. – @disneyblogmomma

It has the most rides of all the parks, it is nostalgic and honestly so magical. Until we get Marvel land out in Cali, MK will always win. – @thediaryofadisneydad

Hands down, the park for those of us with younger kids. MK has the most attractions at WDW So you can always get fast passes throughout the day. It has some of the best snacks, and the best nighttime show in Happily Ever After. – @the.stoweaways.wdw

Right now? Magic Kingdom! Perfect for our girls: age 2 and 5. There’s so much magic for their age at Magic Kingdom and, it’s corny but true, seeing their joy brings us so much joy (even though a cocktail in the World Showcase is pretty joyful, too 😉) – @thevacayclubfamily

So, what do you think? Which park would YOU choose if you only had ONE day and could only visit ONE park? Surprised not to see Hollywood Studios or Animal Kingdom on there at all?

Share your thoughts in the comments below or on our Instagram and Facebook pages.

Keith & the Disney Parents Panel

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