DADventure Disney Tip #12 – Bring Your Stroller!

If you were 6 or under and had a ‘fun’ day planned that involved 12-14 miles of foot travel every day – wouldn’t you want a place to sit for some of it? Yeah. I thought so.

A few people gave me their tip that I really wouldn’t need our stroller at the Walt Disney World Parks. I’m so glad I didn’t listen to them!

They argued that they rent strollers there, so it’s fine. Have you seen those strollers?

Photo: (Click the photo for their thoughts on strollers.)

Not exactly the lap of luxury there.

Our double stroller came in SO handy! First – getting through the airport was a breeze being able to push two of the three kiddies and wearing the baby on our back. From the airport to the Disney’s Magical Express. The Magical Express to the resort. ALL the way across the Caribbean Beach Resort to our room. From our room to the Skyliners or the Disney Park Buses. From the Skyliner or Disney Park Buses through the ticket gates and bag check and all the way into the parks. Around the parks. That’s a LOT of getting to push the kids instead of carrying them or hoping their little legs would hold up – and we’ve only JUST got into the parks where the rental strollers are!

Other benefits? Shade to cover the kids in the hot sun. Instant seats at a parade, fireworks, bus stop or stage show. A place they can nap. Extra carrying space for purchases you make, popcorn buckets, jackets when it gets chilly, ponchos for when it rains, your giant water bottle, etc. etc. etc.

A few things to watch out for…

1. If you park your stroller in a stroller parking area, and that area thins out while you’re still away, Disney Cast Members will move your stroller to compact the area. It won’t be far, but may not be exactly where you left it – so find a way to quickly be able to distinguish your stroller from all the others.

2. You have to fold it up on the bus and Skyliners. Some narrow umbrella-style single strollers may fit on the Skyliners.

Really – that’s it. The pros greatly outweigh the cons.

It’s also a cost savings! Most airlines will allow you to check your stroller at your gate and not charge you for a carry-on. It’s in the same category as a walker or wheelchair. But, call your airline to make sure before you go.

The rentals at the park are currently (as of this post’s date): Single Stroller
– Recommended for children 50 lbs. or less. Daily: $15 Multi-Day (Length of Stay): $13

A $100 USD credit card deposit is required for strollers rented at Disney Springs.

Double Stroller – Recommended for children 100 lbs. or less. Daily: $31. Multi-Day (Length of Stay): $27

Do you bring your stroller to Disney? Do you rent one there? How do you distinguish yours from all the others? Share with me in the comments below or on Instagram and Facebook.

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