Disney Parents Panel Top 10 Tuesday – Our Favorite Disney Parks Merchandise We Have In Our Homes

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Our topic this week: Our Favorite Things in our Homes We Got at Disney Parks

We’ve discussed our love for collecting at Disney Parks. [Read Disney Parents Panel Top 10 Disney Collectibles] But, what is that ONE thing we all have in our homes that we adore looking at every time we enter the room?

Ten of us from the DPP share our favorite Disney Parks possessions with you. Check out our list below and then share yours in the comments below.


Pluto Christmas Popcorn Bucket
Seasonal In Parks

Pluto is a favorite at our house and I love Christmas. Pluto’s Christmas Tree (available on Disney Plus) is probably my favorite Disney Short of all time. It was a pretty easy decision to get one when they came out.


Going for around $30 on eBay!

Mickey Mouse Baseball Bobblehead Statue
Play Ball!

Baseball! Mickey Mouse! Disney! It’s a perfect combo. I was gifted this by my Brother, Sister-in-Law and nieces from a Disney trip they took years and years ago.

He still stands proudly in my home.


About $30 on eBay

Memento Mori Spirit Photos
Ghoulishly Fun

Photo: Disney

Haunted Mansion is our families favorite ride and these spirit photos put us right into the action. These hitchhiking ghost made it home to our gallery wall.


Walt Disney World Annual Passholders receive 20% off at this location.

Figment Stuffed Animal
All about Imagination!

My Figment has and always will be my favorite thing in our house! Not only is he my favorite character, this was the first ride I ever went on as a child (6months old but hey!) at that time it was still Dreamfinder, and I always had to ride it over and over.


Seeing it for $20 – $30 on eBay

Vinylmations Collection
Collect them all!

The reason I like them so much is probably because what each one represents. They each represent a different aspect of Disney; rides, movies, characters etc. Collecting these over the year in the parks, trading them became a family tradition. We were so sad when they stopped trading and then when they stopped producing them. After collecting over 300 of them they have become part of our family Disney history.


Collections are all over eBay and vary in pricing.

Disneyland Sign
Sign of the (good) times.

I’ve been wanting it for years but we didn’t want to spend a lot of money. But a couple Christmas’s ago, my husband surprised me with it. Complete shock and I cried. It’s the centerpiece of my Disney room now. And I always think I’m walking into Disneyland because of the sign.


Easily over $100 online!

Marie Mug

Sure, it’s cute and sassy (in pure Aristocats style), but, if I’m honest, I love the peace and quiet that comes with it. On very special mornings, like this one, I wake up early, pour a cup of coffee, and work on a painting. As a mom of small kids, it’s mornings like these that fuels my soul. I purchased the mug from my local Disney Store and have forever been super happy with my purchase! If I can be so bold– find yourself a soul fuels, coffee holding, sassy Disney mug ASAP.


In the $30s on eBay

Disney Parks Exclusive Funko Pops
Real POP Culture!

It’s like bringing a little bit of the park back home!


Find them on ShopDisney!

Disney Pins
May the trading commence!

We started collecting as a family not long after our first visit to the parks. Now each of us collects certain characters/movies and when we trade we are nor only looking for ourselves, but for each other. It really makes it a great family experience. We get a lot of joy out of getting a package in the mail with pins and because we live in between the two coastal parks, it keeps the magic alive year-round.


ShopDisney has these too!

Up! Inspired Minnie Mouse Plush
All the feels!

As a family, we pick our Minnie Mouse Up inspired plush. Obviously, our girls love all Disney stuffed animals (who doesn’t) and UP is an all time favorite movie… but this souvenir is extra special! We purchased this at Hollywood Studios moments before we stopped and chatted with a Vacation Club rep on Hollywood Blvd. We ended up leaving the park and signing up for DVC (on impulse!) that same day. Every time I see that Minnie, I’m reminded adventure really is out there… ya just gotta grab it!


Hard to find!

What about you? What do you have in your home from the Disney Parks?

Share your thoughts in the comments below or on our Instagram and Facebook pages.

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