#AskDADventureDisney Episode 28 – DADventure’s TikTok Travel Tips!

Episode 28 of Ask DADventure Disney is here and you get to witness a 40-something Dad try to figure out TikTok!

A follower named JonathanDoo sent me a message saying: “How did I not know you are sharing tips on Tiktok now?”

Well Jonathan – now you do! Yes, it’s true – DADventure Disney now has my own TikTok page where I share quick 30-60 second tips and other fun – all about Disney, of course!

I do a little bit of everything here, travel tips from when I visited with my family last time, fun jokes, Disney favorites and – excited to announce – what I’m doing to plan a potential return of the DADventure Family to Walt Disney World in 2022! Check out the video for a bit of a highlight reel of what I’ve been doing over on the Disney Side of Tik Tok.

After you watch, hit the comments and let me know what YOU would like to see me cover on TikTok! I’m ALWAYS open for suggestions! You might say I’m “all ears”! (DAD jokes forever!)

Now it’s YOUR turn! Submit your own AskDADventureDisney question – CLICK HERE to send me yours!

My Hat: http://parkhoppa.com

You can see ALL our AskDADventureDisney videos by clicking here.


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