#AskDADventureDisney Episode 29 – Ranking My Favorite Disney Parks!

Episode 29 of Ask DADventure Disney may be the hardest one I’ve ever had to answer!

I received a message from UnionJaxx asking me to rank my favorite Walt Disney World parks. WHAT!?!?!

How am I supposed to choose between Epcot, Animal Kingdom, Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios? They each have things you can’t find in the others. Each is special. This is REALLY REALLY difficult!

It’s a GREAT question from Union Jaxx and in this week’s video – I tackle it!

The video is below and on my YouTube Channel, too.

After you watch, hit the comments and let me know what YOUR ranking would be! I’m looking forward to some lively debate!

Now, it’s YOUR turn! Submit your own AskDADventureDisney question – CLICK HERE to send me yours!

My Hat: http://instagram.com/999spyglass

You can see ALL our AskDADventureDisney videos by clicking here.


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