Great Disney Advice I Just Don’t Take, Crepes & More News

That’s Sounds Perfect – I’m Not Doing It, Thought.Disney Advice is Not One-Size-Fits-All
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Without any huge Disney news to report this week (unless you’ve been waiting on baited breathe for Annual Passholder info), I can finally focus on a tips article for you all. WOOHOO!! (Well, at least I’m excited about it.)

So, let’s stop with all the chit chat, let’s get to it. After you check it out, please be sure to get in touch and let me know your thoughts!
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Great Advice – I Don’t Follow
photo: Touring PlansSave on Flights – Drive!
We all know that one of the biggest complaints of any Disney World vacation is the price. I agree. It sometimes feels like pricing is increasing weekly. So, many of the tips you’ll find about Disney have to do with saving money. One I hear often is to save on the flights and drive to the parks.


I live in New England. An average drive (forget weather, traffic, construction, etc.) could take us about 20 hours to drive straight though. Anyone out there want to drive 20 hours in a car with three kids 7 and under? I didn’t think so.

I can hear some of you, ”But, you can stop on the way – make it part of the vacation…”


I have dropped over $6K on the Disney part of the trip and now you want me to pay for more meals and hotels on the way down and on the way back? And speaking of on the way back – how happy do you think everyone would be for 20 hours in the minivan when the Disney part is now over!? Talk about a tragical express. Do I make my vacation four days longer or cut my Disney part shorter?
Photo: Holiday Inn Stay Off Property!
Another big savings people often suggest is to stay off-property at one of many (admittedly very cool) hotels near the parks.


One of my BIGGEST tips I offer to families with little kids is to split your day and head back to the resort in the middle the day (when the sun is at its worst) and relax in the room or swim in the pool or enjoy resort games, activities, amenities, etc.

When I get to Disney, one of the most trip-making pieces of magic is the ability to not worry about transportation, car seats, traffic and parking. Disney Transportation (especially Skyliner) makes it a true vacation for me.

I don’t want to start every day getting the sleepy kids into their car seats, and I really don’t want the last part of every night doing the same. And if I want to split up my day and go back to the resort to rest up – I have to do it FOUR times!?
I HATE traffic – sitting in it filing into the parks, and sitting in it after fireworks would just ruin the day for me (at least twice a day.)

And does it cost? Of course!
Then you park in a MASSIVE parking lot, have to remember where your car is after a full day, and walk/ride all the way to the gates. My hamstrings are tightening up thinking about it.

The freedom to move from park to park and utilize the Disney transportation is huge for me and worth the money to not deal with car seats, parking fees, traffic and starting and ending each ‘magical’ day with all that garbage.
photo: DADventure Disney Do The Disney Meal Plan
The Disney Meal Plan is great – every member of the party gets a sit-down meal, a counter service and snacks every day!


I’ve talked about this on the site before, and it will 100% be a topic in a future newsletter, but the Disney Meal Plan, in my opinion, doesn’t work with families with little kids.

The way the meal plan worked (not currently being offered) was every member in your group, 3 and older, would have to be on the plan, if you opted in. So, yes, your three year old would have meals set aside for them. I don’t know about your kids, but my 3 and 5 year olds could share off my plate and be happy – they don’t need their own full meals every time.

On our honeymoon, my wife and I could barely eat all the food that we were getting every day.

The meals consist of an entree, drink and dessert. No more appetizers. To me, appetizers are the BEST PART! Now, you have to pay extra for them. How many desserts (and these aren’t the huge decedent goodies you can get throughout the parks) do you want in a day? How many adult beverages (only way to get value of the drink part of the plan) do you want to have while caring for your little kids?

By the way – tip isn’t included in the meal plan – bring extra cash for that. So, even on the meal plan you may need to pay for appetizers and tip on top.

The biggest issue I have – kids on the meal plan MUST choose from the kids menu. EWW! My kids want variety. They want to eat the special cuisine offered across the parks. Not choose from the same 4 things every time we eat.

Here’s an example: I love burgers and Cosmic Ray’s in Magic Kingdom is a great spot for a quick one – SO many options in the burger toppings bar, here is what my wife and I get to choose from:
Here is what kids get to choose from:
They can’t even get a burger! AT A BURGER PLACE! At least, not on the meal plan, they can’t. And my 7 year old would eat 2 chicken strips and a cup of cuties mandarin in about two seconds.

Skip the meal plan. Eat what you all want, when you all want. Make a few reservations at restaurants you really want to experience, but the rest of the time let the day dictate where and what you eat.
You know I had to share MORE golden statues that have been revealed!

This past week we’ve found Rocket & Groot, BB-8, Stitch, Frozone, Pluto, Bambi and Thumper. We’re up to 44 of the 50!

You can watch videos of them all by clicking here.
photo: DisneyMisc. News & Notes
Some other little tidbits for you and links to learn more:

Disney announced plans to bring back the Annual Passholder plan.

With the France pavilion about to WOW crowds with the new Remy ride and new theming, they’ve announced the menu for La Creperie de Paris which opens October 1, 2021. For me? I’m going to be all over the Pomme: caramelized apples, caramel beurre sale.
Can you guess what Disney item this graphic represents? It could be a movie, or a song or a quote or a character. Let me know your answers and I’ll share all the correct guesses next time!

NO ONE got last week’s which was “Arendelle” from Frozen.

Submit your answer by replying to this message and I’ll share next week’s smarty pants in the newsletter.
I’ll leave this hear for another week – I’m going to be brushing off my Podcast equipment and re-launching the DADventure podcast talking all things Disney. What do you want to see? What questions would you like answered? What interviews should I stretch to find? PLEASE reply to this or CLICK HERE to get in touch and give me your ideas.

What do you think of the tips above? Love or Pass?

Have a great weekend and I’ll talk with you all next week.

So Long,
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