Disney Savings Tips That WORK #1 & Some News

My First Savings TipDrink it in!
photo: DADventure Disney
HEY <<First Name>>!

Happy Friday! Labor Day and back-to-school week has come and gone, and thus, my newsletter is a day late this week. I know you were staring at your inbox waiting for it. My apologies for the delay, hopefully all is right with the world again. I hope those of you with kiddos had a great first few days back!

We’ve talked a bunch about new costs coming to your next Disney trip, so I figured it was time to share some of my tried and true cost savings tips and tricks. I’m not talking about thousands of dollars off travel or resort stays, but these little bits here and there can really help your daily park budget.

Also – ALL 50 of the Disney 50th Character Statues have now been revealed. And some have even shown up in the parks already. I’ll fill you in on all of that below.

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Ok, my friends, let’s get to it!
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Disney Trip Saving Tip #1
photo: DADventure Disney
Florida is hot. It’s hot in the winter. It’s hot in the spring. It’s hot in the fall (yes my family goes swimming at the resort the week before Thanksgiving) and it’s REALLY hot in the summer.

The best tip anyone will give you is to stay hydrated. I agree. Being a farming family, we know very well the need to stay hydrated to stay healthy, lucid and keep your body from letting you down.

Disney knows this too. That’s why there is water to buy EVERYWHERE around the parks… at around $4.00 a bottle!

Let’s break that down a little bit – $4.00 a bottle of water. Five people in my family. That’s $20 for water when we’re thirsty. We’re not going to need only one a day – so let’s assume over the course of a full day in the parks we’ll need three bottles of water each (assuming we’re having other beverages with our meals, too). That’s $60 a day on water. Five days in the parks – that’s $300 on water for your trip. WHOA!

How do we get around this? I have a few suggestions.
Photo: DADventure DisneyWater is FREE!
Did I just say FREE when talking about Disney World? Yup, I sure did.

They don’t want people passing out due to the heat, so they want you to stay hydrated, too.

Disney will offer you free ice water at most quick service counters. Starbucks will too! (The picture above is a nice cup of icy cold goodness from Starbucks.)

I recommend you bring good reusable water bottles with you on the trip. Ones that are hydro-flask style to keep things cold work best. Some folks recommend a folding or collapsing plastic water bottle to help save space in your luggage.

Take the ice water from the counters and pour them into your bottles. Cast Members will not take your bottle over the counter and fill it for you.
Photo: DADventure DisneyFill it up!
Disney World has done study after study to maximize restroom and water fountain placement throughout the parks. They want their guests to be as comfortable as possible – look around and you’ll be within eyesight of a restroom.

(Have you seen the news story about the lady who felt it was appropriate to urinate in a cup in the middle of the park? To to be clear, it’s not appropriate.)

Water fountains, and newer bottle filling stations (as seen above from Cosmic Ray’s) are almost as prevalent. Get some ice from a counter service, and keep your bottles filled up as you walk the parks. Any time you see a fountain – fill up!

”But Keith, the water at Disney World is disgusting! I can’t drink it.”

OK, fine. I’ve got some ideas for you on that, too.
photo: DADventure DisneyShop Before Vacation
Every resort room has a fridge. So – use it!

Before you head out on your vacation – head to the grocery store or Target and buy yourself a case of water.

As of writing this, you can get a case of 24, 16.9oz, water bottles at Target for $2.69. That’s $0.11 a bottle. If you drive to Disney, put three cases in the minivan and that will cover your 5 days for 5 people (with refilling throughout the parks too!). Instead of $600, you’re spending $8.00. Wouldn’t you like to have the $582 you saved to use somewhere else in the parks?

I thought so.

”But Keith, I fly to the Disney. I can’t pack three cases of bottled water with me!”

I got you!
Use Amazon and ship it to your resort! They’ll hold it for you at the front desk (or another designated spot in the resort) until you arrive – just like any other package.

The above case is on Amazon, has 45 bottles and is starting around $5.99. Another HUGE savings.

Now, of course, there is a small charge for the resort to handle the receiving of your package – last I checked with Disney it’s a $6.00 charge.

So, whether you bring or ship your own, or drink the water in the parks (my family didn’t mind it at all), you can see you may be able to keep several hundred dollars in your pocket with this one tip.

What would you spend it on?
photo: DisneyAll 50 Character Statues Revealed
There all here!

Disney has released the last of their Fab 50 statues that will be sprinkled all around the parks. Magic Kingdom installed many of theirs Wednesday night!

CLICK HERE to watch a video of what they look like at Magic Kingdom.

Want to know the full list? Here we go!

Abu, Baby Groot, Bambi, BB-8, Bo Peep, Bruni, Cheshire Cat, Chip, Cogsworth, Daisy Duck, Dale, Dante, Donald Duck, Dory, Dumbo, Edna Mode, Figment, Flounder, Frozone, Goofy, Gus, Hei-Hei, Jaq, Joe, Gardner, Lady, Lumiere, Mad Hatter, Mickey Mouse, Miguel, Minnie Mouse, Nemo, Olaf, Orange Bird, Piglet, Pinocchio, Pluto, Pua, Pumbaa, R2-D2, Rocket Raccoon, Sebastian, Simba, Stitch, Thumper, Timon, Timothy Mouse, Tinker Bell, Tramp, Winnie The Pooh, Woody

Are there any you don’t recognize by name? Any you feel were left out? Any movies that didn’t get any love? :: COUGH HERCULES COUGH ::

Are you heading to the parks for the 50th Celebration at all? I’d love to know!
photo: DADventure Disney on InstagramBuilding Excitement!
If you’re a LEGO fan, like my family is, this is HUGE (mini) news!

Rumors have it that a mini Disney Castle (with Mickey figure in a tuxedo) will be released soon. The giant LEGO Disney World Castle goes for $350 – not really in our budget, nor do we have the space for it! (Over 4000 pieces, 29” tall, 18.8” wide, 12” deep). So, this little one would be a PERFECT display piece and should be in a decent price point.

Of course, if anyone would like to donate the giant castle to the DADventure offices, I won’t say no….
Can you guess what Disney item this graphic represents? It could be a movie, or a song or a quote or a character. Let me know your answer and I’ll share all the correct guesses next time!

Nice job to Geoff, Josh and Nick who guessed correctly that last week’s was Sword in the Stone.

Submit your answer by replying to this message and I’ll share next week’s smarty pants(es) in the newsletter.
Want more money saving ideas? Want to see more 50th Anniversary prep? I’m here for you – get in touch and let’s talk!

As always, have a magical weekend and I’ll talk with you next week.

So Long,
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