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Good morning <<First Name>>!

I hope you have been enjoying your week so far. It’s been relatively quiet here in New England – and I’ll take it.

We have a good number of new subscribers here on the DADventure and THANK YOU for that! I think I need a name to call my followers – any suggestions? Ventureites? DADventurers?

Anyway, I figured with a good number of you who didn’t grow up with me and aren’t related to me (love you all) I should take some time this week to give you a little more background to who DADventure is. I’m also going to ask YOU a few questions at the end to get some more feedback on you all.

It’s getting to know you week here in DADventure land.

Let’s get to it.
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Lifelong Disney Fan
I’ve always had an affinity to all things Disney. I had the toys, watched re-runs of The Mickey Mouse Club on Disney Channel when it first debuted, had outfits action figures and everything. To me, Disney was and is magic and means happiness and imagination. Imagination has always been my favorite toy to play with – no matter what was in front of me, my imagination is what made it work and no place does that better than Disney.

I’m currently in my mid-40s and have three little kids, 7 and under. We live on a family farm in Connecticut and we all love Disney in our own ways.

Recently I’ve been asked a lot about my favorites when it comes to Disney. Many of these questions will become full-blown stories/newsletters in the future, but here are some rapid fire question and answers to capture a bit about the guy behind the account.

I’ll start with the most popular questions I get – and thankfully they’re the most fun ones for me to think back on to answer! Let’s get hungry!
Q: What is your favorite sweet in the parks?
A: The churro ice cream sandwich at Sleepy Hollow Refreshments in Magic Kingdom. It’s not always on the menu, so if it’s there, don’t miss it!
Q: What is your favorite quick breakfast in the parks?
A: We normally eat in our resort room with stuff we bring from home to get the energy going and avoid early morning “hangry” people. But in the park, I’m a sucker for a cinnamon roll and LOVE the Mickey-shaped Colossal Cinnamon Roll from Kusafiri Bakery in Animal Kingdom.

If we’re sitting down for a breakfast, it’s all about the Garden Grill family-style breakfast in EPCOT. It’s a character meal (Farmer Mickey!) and the food is classic breakfast food served in a skillet.
Q: What is a newer snack that really caught your attention?
A: Easy. The Ronto Wrap at Ronto Roasters in Galaxy’s Edge at Hollywood Studios is amazing. They even have veggie options!
Q: What food spot gets overlooked?
A: Cosmic Ray’s in Magic Kingdom. It’s quick food, good food and the burger fixin’s bar is epic. Also, it’s one of the earlier opening food stops at MK for those of us with little kids who may want an earlier lunch in the day.
Q: What is the best snack you’ve ever had?
A: We were at the EPCOT Food & Wine Festival a few years ago and had the special Duck Poutine from the Refreshment Port booth. They have poutine all year round, but this duck version was one of the most perfect snacks we’ve ever shared.
Q: Do you have a favorite classic park snack?
A: I have a love for churros, but I don’t always want sugar. However, I can ALWAYS go salty. So, to me, my favorite classic park snack is the Mickey Pretzel. I don’t even need the orange cheese, but I won’t be mad if you get it.
Q: What park snack have you missed out on?
A: I’m not really sure how it happened, but I totally missed the Egg-roll Cart at Magic Kingdom. I’ve always had the cheeseburger egg rolls on my must find list, and somehow I’ve yet to enjoy them.
My Disney History
Q: When was your first trip to Disney parks?
A: When I was in sixth grade, my grandparents flew my brother and I to California for a week or so. One of the days they took us to Disneyland. That was my first trip.

Since then I’ve visited Disneyland on several business trips and to visit one my closest friends in all the world, who lives in Los Angeles. As men in our 30s, we rode Pirates FIVE times that day.

I first visited Disney World when I was in High School when my marching band performed at EPCOT. My lasting memory was walking “Back stage” and coming through a gate near Mexico to perform. The Maelstrom ride was my first ever ride at Disney. Anyone else remember Maelstrom?

I went back to Disney World a few different times with friends and my wife and I spent our honeymoon there. We’ve been back since, with our kids.
Q: You must visit the parks all the time. How many times a year do you go?
A: A very common misconception. I actually visit the parks every several YEARS. Living in New England, and the price tag that comes with Disney, it doesn’t fit for me to visit often. However I am a sponge for all things Disney World, updates, planning, etc. and study it every day I’m not in the parks.

Q: Are you a Disney travel agent?
A: Nope. I just love studying all thing Disney World and it’s a passion of mine to share that back with folks. Especially those who don’t want to/ or can’t do the studying themselves. I like to think of myself as the Cliff Notes for Disney Planning. A good friend and advisor has suggested I start a Disney Planning Training service – teaching people how to plan their own trips – and it’s something I’m exploring. Anyone have any thoughts on that? 🙂

Q: How often are you in the parks to get all these pictures?

A: Again, I’m not. HOWEVER! I have a truly amazing sister-in-law who does tend to visit Disney often and she is my eyes and ears (and camera) in the parks. The vast majority of shots I use here, on the blog, or on social media are thanks to her. I also have a few other great friends who share their pics when they visit often in both Disney World and Disneyland.
Q: What’s the one attraction or ride you are most excited to see, that you haven’t yet?
A: My last time in the parks was 2019. The week leading up to Rise of the Resistance opening at Hollywood Studios. Yes, I missed it by mere days. I’ve yet to be back and I have been drooling about it ever since.
Some Parks Questions
Q: What do you Rope Drop in each Park?
A: Remember, I’m traveling with little kids, so that is a big part of the planning. But here is what we do:
Animal Kingdom: Safari (Animals are more awake first thing in morning)
Magic Kingdom: Peter Pan’s Flight
EPCOT: Frozen Ever After
Hollywood Studios: Toy Story Mania
Q: What is your favorite ride?
A: Pirates of the Caribbean. Hands down. Both parks. My #1 Attraction.
Q: What was your favorite character interaction?
A: I have a few good stories you can ask me to share some day. One was being in the old shop beneath Spaceship Earth leaving EPCOT when a door opened and pretty much every single character came spilling out of the door for a special event. The other story was when I literally walked smack into Jasmine and Aladdin as they ran out of the Morocco pavilion and I was turning a corner directly into their path.

But my favorite one-on-one time was with Chewbacca at Star Wars Launch Bay in Hollywood Studios. 6-year-old Keith came right to the surface. I was so happy. Chewy was there. Towering over 40-something year old Keith and making all the Chewbacca talking noises. My kids weren’t as thrilled, but I was in awe. He even stroked my beard, and then his own and gave me hug. Seriously – it was a complete out of body experience for this life-long Star Wars fan. For those few moments, there was no way he wasn’t real.
Other Disney World Questions
Q: What is your favorite resort?
A: Caribbean Beach Resort. No hesitation. Many people don’t like it for reasons such as size and amount of walking – but to me, those are great reasons to love it. Plus an amazing pool, beaches, playground, no elevators, and Skyliners!
Q: Biggest change in recent years to make the experience better?
A: The aforementioned Skyliners. From the CBR it’s like 12 minutes to fly to EPCOT and 5 to Hollywood Studios. No bus stop. No cramming on the bus. No waiting. No traffic. Just flying above Disney. Amazing – total game changer.
Q: What is your favorite time of year to visit?
A: Summer is a non-starter. Sweating the whole day is not a vacation. To me, November is the perfect time. We often visit the week before Thanksgiving. Yes, we have to take the kids out of school, but since everyone doesn’t do that – the crowds are smaller.

EPCOT still has the Food & Wine Festival going on. It’s warm enough to swim, but not so hot you melt. And… Christmas season at Disney is more magical than you could imagine. The smells, the lights, the sights, the SNOW (yes there’s “snow” at Disney in Florida). I always come home feeling more happy about the holidays when I get to kick it off at Disney.
Enough About Me – What About You?
I’ve been babbling on for a while now, but I truly want to know about you guys! I’m going to attempt a new survey and put it here. Click the button below, I’d love to hear from you ALL!
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What’s your guess? Let me know your answer and I’ll share all the correct guesses next time!

Nice job to Josh and Geoff who guessed correctly that last week’s was from Tangled.

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Did you like learning a bit about me? I promise next week I’ll be back with another travel tip for you guys.

As always, have a magical week and I’ll talk with you next time.

So Long,
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