Celebrating Disney World’s 50th Anniversary – Counting Down My 50 Favorite Disney World Attractions

Happy 50th Anniversary to Walt Disney World! It looks like such an amazing celebration that starts today – October 1, 2021 and goes for EIGHTEEN months! I don’t think I’ll make it down to see it – but I’m watching everything from a far.

To celebrate, I’ve spent the last few months crunching my memories and photo albums and have compiled my personal list of my 50 favorite attractions at Walt Disney World.

A few things to take into consideration: I most recently have visited with little kids and like family friendly stuff the best, I’m not a huge thrill rides guys and I only included attractions that are currently in the park (some may be waiting to re-open due to the pandemic). Also, I only put attractions that I’ve personally experienced. SO, you may not find some of your favorites like Flight of Passage, Tower of Terror, Seven Dwarfs, and alas, Rise of the Resistance. While I doubt FoP or ToT would have made my list anyway, I’m nearly certain Rise would have been a top contender. I’ll have to save that for the Top 50 when I turn 50! (Only a few short years from now, and my next projected trip.)

All that being said, each weekday, I’m posting videos and pictures on my Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages as I announce a new attraction to the list. Over on my TikTok page, I’ll be giving sneak peeks as I post videos of five attractions at a time. I’ll make each attraction below a link to one of the posts! Feel free to follow all of them. 🙂

Here on DADventureDisney.com, I’ll update my list with a quick blurb, as they’re added, and hope you’ll stick with me for the next 50 days of this celebratory DADventure.

Hit the comments and share YOUR thoughts on my choices, your own rankings, and let’s get the conversation going.

Cheers to 50!

#50 | Disney Junior Dance PartyHollywood Studios
A/C. Music. Characters. In the back of the room are soft seats for parents to have a bit of a break.

#49 | Mad Tea PartyMagic Kingdom
It’s classic. But it’s also quite dizzying. ☕️ 🥴 Still a must do for any first timer.

#48 | Prince Charming’s Regal CarrouselMagic Kingdom
🎠Like most things, Disney Magic makes the ordinary extraordinary! ✨ The Carrousel may seem like a waste of time, but sitting in the shadow of Cinderella’s Castle – everything is special. 🏰 And the line is usually a quick mover, too!

#47 | Pete’s Silly SideshowMagic Kingdom
Meet the characters, 📷 circus themed 🎪 , a fantastic gift shop and restrooms close by. A perfect stop in the day not to miss.

#46 | TriceraTop SpinAnimal Kingdom
Dumbo, but with dinosaurs! 🦖

#45 | Wildlife Express TrainAnimal Kingdom
Many folks skip this or don’t even know about it. A fun little train ride 🚂 to a whole other section of AnimalKingdom with fun activities and some characters, too.

#44 | Tangled RestroomsMagic Kingdom
Don’t tell me it’s not an attraction. 🚽 And at night it’s one of the most beautiful spots in MK! 🏮

#43 | Enchanted Tales With BelleMagic Kingdom
EVERYONE gets to be a part of the show with Belle. 👸 My kids were the Beast, Philippe and a salt shaker. 🧂 Due to my extensive acting resume (sure they had it on file) I was guard #1. Yup. It’s ok to be jealous. You didn’t know you followed acting Disney royalty did you? 😎

#42 | Carousel of ProgressMagic Kingdom
Doesn’t get much more classic that this one. 🎶 It’s a great big beautiful tomorrow 🎵

#41 | The Adventures of Winnie the PoohMagic Kingdom
Fun ride, a bit overwhelming for really little kids, and a decent interactive queue. 🍯 Never understand why the line is always so long for it, though. 🤷‍♂️ Happy 95th Anniversary to Pooh, also!

#40 | Voyage of the Little MermaidHollywood Studios
A live show, mixed with puppets, black light effects and a rainstorm that soaks an unsuspecting audience. ☔️

#39 | Swiss Family Tree HouseMagic Kingdom
From possibly my favorite Disney live action movie. 🌳 I always wanted to live in a house like this and have water slides in the “back yard”. However be warned. It’s a lot of stairs.

#38 | Star Wars Launch BayHollywood Studios
A Star Wars museum and getting to meet Chewbacca, BB-8 and Darth Vader?!! A perfect (overlooked) photo spot at Hollywood Studios. 🚀

#37 | Frozen Sing-A-LongHollywood Studios
As funny for the adults as it is fun for the kiddos to sing with Anna, Elsa, and Olaf! ❄️

#36 | The BoneyardAnimal Kingdom
A playground for the kids to run amok amok amok around and expend some energy. 🦕 A fantastic place to stop and play. 🦖

#35 | Fairytale HallMagic Kingdom
You can meet Elena of Avalor, Tiana, Cinderella and Rapunzel all in the same space. 👸 Perfect for your little princesses.

#34 | Liberty Square RiverboatMagic Kingdom
Relaxing. Cool views of many attractions. Parts of Magic Kingdom you wouldn’t see otherwise. 🛶

#33 | Enchanted Tiki RoomMagic Kingdom
A break in the A/C. And a fun and funny CLASSIC of a musical show. 🦜 Beware the pending thunder ⛈ with the little kids.

#32 | Splash MountainMagic Kingdom
I don’t like coasters and big drops. 😱 But I make a exception for this because the rest of the ride is fun and the view JUST before the drop is breathtaking in many different ways. 💦

#31 | Na’vi River JourneyAnimal Kingdom
I love all the dark boat rides. 🛶 This Pandora trip is a nice cool float through a glowing world.

#30 | Alien Swirling SaucersHollywood Studios
I was quite surprised how fast this ride felt and the little kids LOVED getting squished by Dad at every turn. 👽

#29 | PeopleMoverMagic Kingdom
A slow ride with some very cool views around Tomorrowland. 🚀 Careful though, there’s a VERY dark part that freaked out the kids a bit. 😳

#28 | Indiana Jones Stunt SpectacularHollywood Studios
The boulder, the plane, the fedora. You get it all with Indy! Very fun show! 👏

#27 | Magic Carpets of AladdinMagic Kingdom
Like Dumbo but with more spitting camels. 🐪 Seriously, my wife got SOAKED one trip on the carpets.

#26 | Turtle Talk with CrushEPCOT
The direct interaction between Crush and the kiddos is amazing. 🐢 And a lot of the jokes float over their heads and make the adults LOL! 😂

#25 | Droid DepotHollywood Studios
You can build your own version of BB-8 or R2-D2. 🤖 It’s so much fun. My boy LOVED using his mind to create it and bring it home to play. Tip: It’s a big carry-on for the flight home. 🛩



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