Top 50 Spotlight: Plan a Beauty & The Beast Morning at Magic Kingdom


As you know I’ve been posting my 50 favorite Disney World attractions on social media every week on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and TikTok.

In today’s post I’m going to spotlight #43 – Enchanted Tales With Belle and how to plan a morning at Magic Kingdom with a lot of Beauty & The Beast in it.
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50 Favorite Disney World Atrractions
Spotlight on #43
Enchanted Tales With Belle
A lot of us grew up with Beauty and the Beast on VHS or DVD and wore it out as one of our favorites. At Walt Disney World, you’re able to become part of the story and help act it out alongside Belle!

In Fantasyland at The Magic Kingdom, you can join Belle, Lumiere and friends to help tell her tale.
In small groups, you fill in to Belle’s cottage and are greeted by the talking Wardrobe and a friendly Cast Member who looks for folks wanting to be a part of the story. They ask the kids to ROAR and pick the loudest to be the Beast. They look for grownups who can take orders to be a Guard (Yes, yes indeed I was one.) and they find roles for all the kids! Everthing from Philipe the horse to dancing salt and pepper shakers. In the next room you to step through a magic mirror and enter the library to await the arrival of Belle.
photo: Disney
Belle enters in her classic yellow gown and the story begins, with the help of an animatronic Lumiere on the fireplace mantle. Every kid gets a chance to participate and it’s a ton of fun for everyone.

It lasts maybe 20 minutes but it really is a fun time for everyone. After the story ends, Belle poses with each kid or family to have their photos taken.
photo: Disney
Of course…. it’s closed right now due to the pandemic protocols. However, when it comes back, you’ll want to be sure your little princes and princesses (and us old folks) get a chance to be in one of Disney’s most beloved stories, even if it’s for a little bit.
I find piecing parts of your trip together, in a kind of theme, can really add to the magic.

My girls both saved their Belle dresses to wear on the day we had a FastPass for Enchanted Tales and we made great use of them.

1. Start your day with breakfast at Gaston’s Tavern (also in Fantasyland).
The warm cinnamon roll is a fan favorite, and for good reason – it’s warm, not too gooey, and delicious.

It’s currently on the menu for $6.49.
Add a Lafou’s Brew to the mix, and the day starts off great.

The Brew is a frozen applejuice with a bit of toasted marshmallow flavor, topped with a mango-passionfruit foam.

It’s currently $5.79 on it’s own, or get it in a collectible stein to bring home for $12.99.

After you enjoy these tasty goodies, head nearby to your showing of Enchanted Tales with Belle.
You worked up an appetite in your performance, no doubt, so it’s time to walk next door to Beast’s castle and enjoy the Be Our Guest restaurant.

We did lunch (currently open 11:00am – 2:55pm) but you can also do it for dinner (3:00pm – 9:00pm).

The lunch sandwiches are AMAZING however, right now, they’ve done away with the lunch fare and it’s full on fixed menu with choices for appetizer, entree and desserts. We’re talking tenderloin, chicken and filet mignon.

For the adults it’s a bit of a price tag at $62.00 and the kiddies 9 and under are $37.00
Yes, we did try the gray stuff. And yes, it was delicious. It went very fast, which is why this photo has a bit of a motion blur to it. The kids couldn’t wait.

The bonus moment to close our our Beauty & The Beast day was catching the Main Street Parade where Beast noticed our girls dressed as Belle. He did a deep bow to them. It was really magical!


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